The Situation unfolds in Venezuela

In these first segments we get walked through a situation unfloding in Venezuela currently. A Seargent of the military had lead a small group of soldiers in creating an uprising to overthrow President Maduro. They have since commandeered a police station, and taken the Supreme Court by force and ordered them to deem all orders of the Parliament unvoid. This rising opposition movement has taken on its own person they are delcaring the interim-President, and it has been coming to light the US may have been in talks with this group for the past year in order to arrange this. This movement has called for citizens to stand with the soldiers and has rapidly turned into widespread revolts to oust the current President Maduro. Over the past few months due to the ongoing crisis, protests have been increasingly more common.The US has a long history of coup attempts in countries that have large oil reserves and at this point it can only be assumed that in some way our involvement is related in some way too to Venezuela’s oil

BBC covers current situation

The situation explained from the beginning

Nuclear ready Russian bombers stationed in Venezuela

1945 coup in Venezuela

1992 coup in Venezuela

2002 coup attempt in Venezuela

Trump recognizes opposition leader as president of Venezuela

On the US meetings with the Rebels

The US undermines Democracy in Venezuela

Last week Maduro was sworn in for another term even after the election had been boycotted, and the opposition party is calling him an ursurper who has taken power now against the wishes of the people. US officials have released statements stating they do not recognize the authority of President Maduro at this time. The history of this goes back a year where our government has repeatedly talked of military intervention, assanation attempts were made on Maduro, and their population has been revolting due to the economic crisis for quite some time. There is a different person who has not directly called himself the interm-president and the title has all but been forced onto him by the US. It would appear our intentions have been to enact this coup, though the why is only explained at this time by the phrase “for oil”. The rammifications of the sides that have begun to be taken in Venezuela leave us backing the opposition, and Russia supporting Maduro. Everything transpiring at this very moment seems all too similar to what we have seen in most conflicts the US played a role in over oil. Maduro has claimed for quite some time we have been planning to overthrow them, and cited this same history to paint events like we are arranging this to further our agenda. The person interviewed in this video goes into much more detail about the attempted assanation last year with a drone also.
The rhetoric from President Maduro comes with insults like “viper” directed at Mike Pence, and brash statements that he will see the American agenda thwarted. The person being interviewed here is the Foreign Minister of Venezuela currently and he talks too about some of the points of view that even some of the economic instability in the region could have been in fact caused by us as it fits our M.O. The stance of the foreign minister and the loyalists appears to be that we have manufactured much of what we have seen occur there so we can put someone we like in power, and they should be free to do business with whomever they want.





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