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To begin to explain our banking and currency system, we begin in 1910. The Federal Reserve is a central bank that many consider to be “the biggest robbery ever enacted on the American people.” This system is neither part of the Federal Government, nor does it have any reserves. These crafty bankers don’t want people to understand what they’re doing, and that’s why they picked a name like the one they did. In November, 1910, 6 bankers that represented the elite of the western world at the J.P. Morgan estate of Jekyll Island in Georgia. This meeting has been widely hailed as the official birth of the Fed, and ultimately became the Federal Reserve Act. “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws” – Mayer Rothschild, family founder. When Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act it took the power over our money from the government and gave it to the banking elite enabling them to print currency, control interest rates, and run secret bail outs without any government oversight. A complete audit of the fed has never been done despite Americans contributing 16 Trillion dollars in the last century towards these same bail outs. The big bail out of 2008 is alleged to have been the result of a multi-trillion dollar gamble that failed, and our politicians were threatened with martial law if tax dollars weren’t used to correct it.

How the fed works

How monetary policy works in plain English


When the government needs money, instead of printing its own currency backed by gold it prints Treasury Bonds. These bonds are then loaned to the Federal Reserve for the currency it prints out of thin air, distributed, and our government is on the hook for interest payments. This means it is entirely impossible for there to ever even be enough money circulating to repay these loans. When the fed buys bonds on Wall Street, they select firms who deposit the proceeds in their respective banks. Fed rules require that 10% of deposits be kept in the reserve, but the other 90% is allowed to be loaned out freely. Example : In the event that the fed buys a $1,000 bond, they would be required to deposit $100 into the reserve, and could issue loans with the other $900; as that amount is loaned out and repaid the amount of money (not backed) increases. The same is true for the person who borrows the $900 and spends it, again too does the same money end up back in the reserves. The one $1000 bond retains it’s value, while also becoming $900 more revenue on an endless loop, all the while charging our government interest on it’s initial loan. The longer this continues, the more it will also devalue our dollar in part because the more money that circulates does in fact reduce value. Since its implementation in 1913, the US dollars value had lost 95% of its value according to this video. The long term goal is theorized, that the bankers want to ultimately destroy the currency of each nation and create a second depression to open the door for them to establish their own new global currency.

25 facts about the fed

The fed is a ponzi scheme


After the financial issues at the beginning of the 1900’s, people didn’t favor Wall Street much. Despite our founding fathers’ disapproval of central banks, and the Constitution requiring Congress print currency, in 1910 US Senators still set in motion changes with international bankers that would enslave citizens over the course of the next 100 years. The fed calls itself a decentralized system because it is comprised of 12 banks throughout the nation yet still operates as a monopoly over our currency system. Regardless of what issue we examine in our country, it seems the fed ALWAYS is involved somehow.


This video begins attempting to answer this with a hypothetical scenario. If you were a king and you depended on the enslavement of your people to stay in power, what would you do when they began to wake up and show dissent? The best tactic is to distract them, or turn them against eachother, and here we touch on the media again. As we see the vast majority of people cry out for change, the manipulation of our media keeps up seeng things in such a way that “sides” are required, we remain divided, and fight eachother…they never focus on the actual truth. It is classic divide and conquer tactics, and this video implores viewers to strive to become more aware of this so we can come together for true change. Another great perspective is presented, who is in power? Is it the few elites or the rest of us who are enslaved and why? When not united as a people, we need the system to support ourselves and survive whereas if we were united we could actually reject the system and be perfectly fine. If we use our creativity, and build a system that is better for everyone it will strip the old of its power. We can stop blaming society and realize that we are society and can choose whatever world we want this to be, as long as we make it together.


This video talks about how the banks are at the top of the food chain, and begins by showing a document from the Congressional archives called Disclosure of Corporate Ownership from 1974. This was a Senate report of financial information that directly referred to these banks as being at “the top of the pyramid”, implicating Chase bank as just one of the 32 institutions that had assets exceeding 5 Billion Dollars at the time. At this time they found so many people to be in violation of the laws, financial penalty would cause so many issues they decided to change the laws instead. This document details extensively how much the Senate at the time viewed these banks as a control hungry threat to democracy.


Economists and Bankers make it seem like currency is to difficult to understand and as a result the vast majority of people don’t understand how our currency works. The elites have taken immense steps to ensure people don’t understand what is going on as this is what keeps them at the top. Deficit spending is what happens when politicians are elected that promise things to citizens that ultimately cost money the government doesn’t have. To pay for this, the Treasury issues a Bond, which is an I.O.U. and are our National Debt to be repaid with our taxes. Then, the Treasury holds a bond auction to different banks to bid on this I.O.U. for profit by earning interest. Through the open market, these banks then sell these bonds to the Federal Reserve for a profit. The Federal Reserve then write checks to pay banks from accounts that hold no money because they create the money, and this cycle continues indefinitely. In a nutshell, the fed and the Treasury and passing I.O.U.’s bank and forth using the banks as middle men to make money appear out of thin air.
The Treasury then deposits money into the government which is spent on public services, social services, war, etc. The employees will in turn then deposit their currency into the bank. Banks are no longer simple savings institution, and despite the fact that our money not backed by gold, you are still actually lending it to them. The bank can do anything they want with it, and even gamble in the stock market. This is what fractional reserve lending is, the same policy listed above that only requires banks to keep 10% of their deposits in reserve. The reason banks are able to loan our money out still see no change in balance is in part due to digital currency. Your money is replaced with I.O.U.’S that can often be offset by online purchases. As money is lent out and repaid over and over again, the banks rake in an enormous amount of money. The banks can generate thousands of dollars worth of credit with only $100 dollars worth of vault cash.
The prices of everyday goods and services act like a sponge for an ever growing currency supply. The true definition of inflation is the expansion of a currency system, the increase in price is just a symptom. When we work for currency, the money that gets printed without gold to back it is given value by our labor. We work hard for our money to ultimately pay taxes to the IRS who will in turn give it to the Treasury to repay the fed. When we pay taxes it doesn’t in truth go directly towards funding any programs. The point where currency is actually created is at the banks, and is nothing more than numbers in a compute backed by I.O.U.’s. There is actually no logical need for us to be paying income tax, and prior to creating the fed in 1913 the constitution was not amended to allow for this. A debt ceiling is a concept related to the paradox created by the fact that interest is due on every dollar in circulation. Each borrowed dollar requires more money to be borrowed in order to make interest payments resulting in there never being enough money to repay the debt. This is a finite process that will ultimately come to an end. If we stop borrowing entirely it will collapse the economy because currency cannot be created when borrowing ceases. Eventually we would be left with debt and no money and it would trigger deflationary collapse. Politicians as a result continue to raise the debt ceiling instead of eliminating the fed. The reason the Constitution mandated currency be backed by gold or silver was because those things could not be printed.
Those at the bank level benefit most from this system because they get to spend money first before it hits the economy. The decrease in purchasing power as a result of this is a big part of what benefits the bankers. Likewise, the fed has stockholders which means they fit the definition of a private corporation. Several people own shares in the fed and their identities are kept very secret, and likely many are the same people who are making the gains at the bank level. There are tons of resources out there on this stuff, and below is a link to my playlist with more videos you all can watch. The short of it is that our money is created by big time fraudsters operating a ponzi scheme most don’t know is even going on. We all truly need to get the truth out and find a creative solution to this before we experience an intentional collapse that allows these same bankers to impose ever worsening economic systems on us all.

– Adam Rice

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