Spiritual Truth’s Hidden For Centuries

I’m going to open this up with a brief introduction as I’d prefer to not start off implying things I never meant to. I am a highly spiritual person as I touched on quite a bit in my opinion piece elsewhere on this site. I believe that all religious ideologies are founded upon the same moral baseline, and where the literature is written metaphorically, over the years it would appear many religions became more of a vessel for violence and suffering than anything else. I hope to delve into what the religions are, how they came to be established, and then evaluate what they’ve become compared to what they’re meant to be. In the sense of most religions containing extremist cells advocating for many things that contradict their religions ideals, hopefully we can get to the root of this. I aim to also address the ways in which religion keeps us divided and oppressed, and how many of these answers may lay in the things we are not told. In that regard we will also look at the Sumerian tablets, sand the Annunaki where we see an entirely different explanation of our history that has not been presented to many. We’ll also see some ted talks that compare science and religion, as well as justify the existence of god. With all my distaste for organized religion, nothing could ever convince me there is no god or “source”, I think this concept has been very twisted from the truth over the years and there is a difference between spirituality and religion. As people wake up the way I have, we find that our distrust of religions doesn’t disprove souls, higher purpose, etc. For me, I was able to see that I needed to ask questions and not of the people withholding facts. This is not to imply that my local pastor or rabbi was consciously lying to me, it would seem like many things religion became what it is today over a very long period of time and the decline in participation could only beckon that my line of questioning may indeed be valid.


In the first video used, a narrator uses the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna to explain the idea that all religions are true and lead to the same god. An excerpt from “Ramakrishna Kathamrita” explains how each religion is its own pathway to one ocean of god. He elaborates that due to the spiritual immaturity of followers who have never seen or experienced god, many indulge in narrow minded interpretations of spirituality. This same spiritual ignorance directly correlates to bigotry, racism, caste-ism, and fanaticism. As Sri Ramakrishna explains, his texts were not derived at by a sum of book learned resources, but they stem from “super-consciousness” or directly experiencing the ultimate reality himself. “Everything that is known in that state (of super-conscious Samadhi) is beyond the reach of intellectual reasoning. Ordinary philosophers attain to certain truths by reasoning i.e. through intellectual process, and, therefore, their conclusions are not perfect.” He argues that these and other absolute truths arrived at through similar experience could not be changed due to their being absolute. Instead of using logic first, they had their realization and subsequently applied logic and reasoning so that these truths could be comprehended by a typical mind. We can verify all of these same truths by raising our own consciousness to higher levels.
When there is true love and intense devotion the religion does not matter as one will be led to god through their own means. The biggest thing needed to reach these truths is devotion to god as the video elaborates. According to this teachers writings all people are seeking the same god and do not realize that Krishna is Shiva, also Christ and Allah. God has been worshiped under many names, but in actuality is just one entity. It is also explained here that much of the reason why religions quarrel among themselves is due to this concept that there is only one religion, and thus their god must be the only one. It is not commonly taught that there is one god with many names, and all religions are actually praying to the same being. As this video compels viewers, it is not for us to correct other religious sects but to focus on our own spiritual path. Clarifying that all religions are valid paths to the same god, it does not mean that the path itself is god. This does begin to touch a bit on much of what I was feeling, not that all religions are wrong, but they may all be right. It would almost seem deliberate the way these religions are taught to people at a young age could also directly correlate to these “squabbles” described here. Ultimately a spiritual approach may lead one to enlightenment with a given sect, or none at all as it also seems following the baseline morals are more important than the literal words of each book.


In this next video, we hear from a person making an argument about religion implying that though there are benefits to these beliefs, they also can stifle evolutionary growth in many ways. As he opens he states “we have minds programmed by culture in disagreement with our genetics that can lead to misunderstandings of things like evolution.” His personal views are quite clear, and he states he feels religions are parasitic forces preying on the interests of people on a massive scale. As he states his reasoning, I will provide a direct quote in light of paraphrasing as he puts it best in my opinion.
“Our belief systems are built around evolutionary success and certainly contain human benevolence which is appropriate to phases of history where there is abundance and people can afford to be good to one another. The problem is, when you grow up in a period where abundance is the standard state, you dont anticipate the way people will change in the face of austerity. What we are all seeing are messages that we agree to be unacceptable reemerging because we are ending a ‘boom’ period and moving into a phase that most don’t understand. Despite the fact that humans think that they have escaped the evolutionary paradigm, they’ve don’t nothing of the kind, and so we should expect the belief systems people hold to mirror the evolutionary interests that they have rather than matching that of our best instincts at a time when we can all afford to be good to one another. We have those instincts, so it is not incorrect to say that people are capable of being marvelous creatures that are quite ethical. I would argue there is a simple way of reconciling the correct understanding that religious belief describes truths that in many cases fly in the face of what we can understand scientifically with the idea that these beliefs are adaptive.”
The person giving this talk argues that many beliefs put forward by organized religions are “factually false, yet metaphorically true”, meaning that even though the writings are not factual, one could behave as if they were and find improvements to their situation. An example is given based on Christianity, where he poses the concept of heaven and the pearly gates. By believing in this concept, though likely inaccurate, one may live their life a certain way that not only improves their circumstances, but benefits their community. At the same time, these beliefs will affect how children are raised, taught, and ultimately can lead to a brighter future for many generations to come in theory. As he argues, the same belief in heaven can actually affect evolution, and different genomes that will be passed on to future generations. The more empathy, compassion, generosity, etc. is cultivate because of religious beliefs, the more those traits are enhanced over time. As he puts it, a belief that may be factually untrue could still not only improve lives, but facilitate evolutionary benefits that are not the underlying motivation for the creation of literature within each sect respectively. As he puts it, religion that embraces science could advocate the same behaviors but for reasoning justified by evolution, socioeconomic improvement, or rational response to economic trends that truthfully do affect everyone. Though I found this speaker to come off as quite biased in one regard, I do think what he has to say does fit into this whole thing. If the way religion is presented to people has the potential to evolve people into loving moral creatures, likewise attempts to decrease enrollment in religious sects could seemingly have the opposite effect. The more people become disconnected from religion or spirituality it would seem it effectively detaches people from the genomes connected to the same morals and “weaponized atheism” could likely have profound results over the course of a few generations.


Here we see when each religion was born, and how it spread throughout the world. We are presented many random facts regarding the different major religions around the world. Not many points are made in this video, but the data provided gives context to a lot of the other segments on this page.


Sonam Kalra starts off with her Tedx talk about religion with talking about how humans are typically inclined to categorize and label everything in our lives. With organized religions, if you peel back the label they really are not that different…similar to the members. She talks about the acceptance of all humanity, and the beauty of the coming together of ideologies and thoughts from seemingly disparate places. She talks about “taking god out of man made spaces, and coming to find out that religion isn’t god, and god has no religion”. She elaborate how faith is the coming together of the teachings of all cultures. In her own words she too echoes the same concept from the first video, religions are simply roads, and regardless what road you take, god or source, is the same for all of us. “Truth can be spoken a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true. – Swami Vivekanada”. Sonam is a musician who with her music attempts to embody these same concepts, her “gospel”” or “faith” knows no one culture as it attempts to embody the beauty of them all respectively. In her music she speaks the language of faith, and as she puts it, that is something everyone can understand.


In this video that begins to touch of the actual corruption in organized religions. There are 196 countries in the world, but 25 of them are far wealthier than the rest. Respectively there are 20 countries where the per capita wealth is about $3 a day. This video aims to delve into the factors that fast track a nation to wealth, or maintain its poverty. The first of these 3 factors is the institutions, where the countries having worse institutions we see a direct correlation between that and corruption. When countries are that poor, there is no tax revenue to fund better programs to improve their society.
Half of the wealth of the worlds poorest countries goes into offshore accounts which totals $10 – $20 billion dollars a year, meanwhile these countries go on without adequate police, education, healthcare, and transportation. Corruption ends up in these countries as becoming “clan like” where likewise the services that do exist will only serve the members of that clan, and not the community as a whole. The best candidates for jobs are passed over for those with connections, etc.
Culture is the second factor, what goes on in peoples minds, and the video establishes a generalization that the less one believes in religion the more wealth they stand to gain. Respectively data is presented establishing that of the 19 richest countries in the world, 70% say religion is not a tool to them, while establishing the oddity of America who maintains both great wealth and religious membership. The poorest countries however have much more avid beliefs in the supernatural and religions. They establish the contention that religion often comes from a place where the present moment cannot be changed, and when they focus on the higher power this correlates to lack of wealth. In wealthier countries people are confident in their abilities to affect their own destiny, and as they put it in America this thinking has become a sort of religion in itself and is why it has been able to exist alongside other faiths successfully.


In this video a priest talks about how Christianity is no better than a control tactic, adding that heaven and hell are creations of the church. The way the church employs these ideas it gives them great power over their followers. As this priest puts it, all religions are creations of man to try and understand the path into the spiritual realm. He states that god is not a member of any religion, and god is unfolding through our own consciousness. He states that he has still taken up the calling to be a priest because he wants to show people how to be more human, and speak truth to people that in his eyes anyone can find god within.


This video starts of right out of the gate with clear intentions, expose the lies of Christianity. The first example is the irony of the way images of heaven among other things are being worshiped like idols even though that is technically a sin. They then establish how the letter J didn’t exist until 500 years ago, when it was created by a catholic monk. Most churches today are built like roman catholic churches were, and function more like businesses than anything. Through the RCC the outfits of priests have changed, pagan holidays have merged with Christianity and been commercialized. Essentially the RCC decided to worship on Sunday and the others followed, and respectively after the crusades the RCC adopted the pagan holidays with the same participation. At a point in time, the catholic church made quite a few changes to very notable things dating back to ancient Greece, and the non-catholic christian churches still followed suit. We see many terms like “amen” that date back to ancient Egypt in all christian religions, which leads this narrator to believe all types of Christianity may be no more than branches off the Roman Catholic Church.
One person speaking in the video talks about how traditionally gospels were supposed to be harmless, yet 14 million Natives were killed in genocides by Europeans in North and South America alone driven by the RCC. The truth of thanksgiving is that there was actually a massacre of natives that day, upon which a feast was ordered and the day dubbed a holiday. It continues by explaining over 1 million people were killed by the church during the witch hunts, and the RCC even changed gods name in the bible from Yah to Lord. It is estimated over 100 books have been removed from the bible or omitted by the RCC. Even the KKK wears a cross because their beliefs are that they do what they do for god, and as put here, the RCC has influenced many things on earth. One thing is abundantly clear after watching this video, there is no telling the extent of the power held by the Roman Catholic Church, who have killed millions throughout history.


This video about the control of organized religion starts with a clip showing what appears to be quite an intense religious service, and continues with the same flow video from above. We again see the birth’s and conquests of organized religion from 3000 B.C. to 2000 A.D. They then note how even the term “blessing” was actually a concept that was taken from the pagans. Then we get to see pastors preaching about wealth, and how one pastor hopes there is life on mars so Jesus can bless him with a billion dollar jet so that he can preach the gospel on mars. Again we are shown the same clip too from above where a priest talks about heaven and hell being employed to control the masses. The priest explains that the point of being born again is to keep people childlike, because they are easier to control. The thousands of paintings of Jesus are just as inaccurate as his name. Again, Jesus has a Hebrew name that was changed by the church in the same way paintings capture him in a more “European” light.
We then cut to another segment on NICEA, the council that created Jesus in 325 A.D. and a speaker explaining this. One of the first points is that “A.D.” doesn’t mean after death, but it actually means Annal Domini (the year of our lord). Our current Gregorian calendar was created around the concept of a person created by the Catholic church. He then talks about the African Hutu people who trace their history back 400,000 years compared to the lens we are given, claiming we have only been around roughly 6,000 years. When he continues he asks the question of what specific device has been used to keep people blind, or purposefully miseducated people? The reason he said religion was picked as a vessel to miseducate people, and keep them asleep is because people are spiritual in nature. Misinforming people about god could enslave their minds and render them powerless. This speaker talks about how strange it is that Africans cultural identities have aligned with that of Europe, and less with that of their true history. Between 325 AD AND 1870 ad Ecumenical Councils were called over 20 times to create authoritative decrees which not only established what religion was, but it created laws controlling what people could think or say.
The first Council meeting in 325 AD of Nicea talks about Ptolemy a.k.a. Soter, the first European Pharaoh who was the beginning of the Ptolemaic dynasties of ancient Egypt. Soteriology is the study of the principles of salvation. When this man became Pharaoh of Egypt, he wanted them to consecrate him as a god. In Egypt, every Pharaoh was considered a son of god. When the Egyptian Pharaoh went to Egypt they would not call him a god because he took the position by force. It would appear this occurrence is what led to the council creating Jesus, the son of god.


In this video we start off with an explanation about how ancient cultures essentially personified the constellations and elaborated stories, or myths about them. One example being Aquarius, the water bearer, who earned his name by being seen during the rainy season. Back then, there was no “religion” per se, but these ancient cultures simply sought to understand the correlation between the stars and earth and created stories to pass the knowledge down through generations. We then come to see how many characters throughout history share the same details as Jesus. All the attributes of these “solar messiahs” share so much, and we get to find out why.
The story of Jesus is astrological, where the star in the east is Sirius that on December 25 lines up with Orion’s belt which is traditionally referred to as the three kings, which all point towards the sunrise on December 25. The virgin Mary is the constellation Virgo, and likewise by this time each year we approach the winter solstice. On December 22 the Sun will pause for roughly 3 days on the constellation “the southern cross” and on December 25 moves 1 degree north foreshadowing longer days. The reason all of these stories are similar is because they all describe the winter solstice, and the Apostle’s are the 12 signs of the zodiac, or constellations. The entire concept of Christianity is nothing more than mere stories describing astrology.
The procession of the equinoxes is the cycle of “ages” that the stars go through over tens of thousands of years due to a slow wobble of our planet. Each age is 2150 years long, The reason in the story of Moses the people worshiped the golden calf was due to it being the age of Taurus, and respectively the reason Jews began to blow the Ram’s horn is because of the transition to the age of Aries. The Jesus fish is actually a pagan symbol for the Sun’s kingdom in the age of Pisces, and likewise Jesus’s birth date essentially commences the age of Pisces. The entire book of revelations is a massively misinterpretation of the end of the age Pisces and the transition into Aquarius. When we match up the similarities between Egyptian and Christian stories it is astounding. It is almost as if Christianity plagiarized a combination of both Pagan and Egyptian beliefs. The story of Moses was even stolen directly from The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Moses was actually the stolen myth of a man named Sargon in Egyptian mythology. Moses was the law giver, just like Manou, Minos, or Mises in other regions throughout history. Spell 125 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead is where one can find the birth of the 10 commandments, and arguably could be the source of what led to Judaeo-Christian literature and sects.
The vast majority of religious literature is a “astrotheological literary hybrid” as the video describes, and even points out that essentially Joseph was the test run for Jesus and the similarities are immense. During the time of Jesus there are countless historians who do not once document Jesus, and of the 4 people who did document short things about him into the historical record, it was later proven a forgery. “The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun – Thomas Paine”. Essentially the Romans developed stories to politicize pagan gods for their benefit. Jesus was no more than the solar deity of the Gnostic christian sect. The political establishment at the time sought to historize the Jesus figure for social control. During the council of Nicaea, Jesus was created which led to the Vatican strangling much of the world and the Dark Ages. religion empowers those who know the truth about the myth to use it to manipulate people on a wide scale.
What I see here as a take away is that many of the people whose culture had close ties to Egypt at one point, as they spread out into Europe they hatched a devious scheme. They hatched a plan to re-brand a combination of Pagan and Egyptian religions into what would now be called Christianity. They created laws that people died for breaking, forcing people to worship Jesus instead of the sun, which may directly stem from an European pharaoh with a damaged ego wanting to be treated like a god. The reality that deep within all religious texts are nothing more than mere stories describing the stars, the seasons, and much more through creative imagery. Some sects took an oppressive and violent approach like the Vatican, though this is not to imply that Christians are inherently bad people, simply that the system has been created to deceive them into foregoing spiritual power to a third party. When religion began to organize, it was at that point that humanity began to disconnect from what spirituality was and the effect of human consciousness would be detrimental. In the next videos we will examine the Sumerian tablets, a much older accounting of human history, and some videos establishing what true spirituality may in fact be where the bible is by this writers account, a complex fictional metaphor. Before we get to that, we’ve touched heavily on what the masses have been tricked into believing, but what have the people “in the know” been doing?

10 Reasons Jesus may be an allegory for the sun



In this video we see an interview with a bodyguard for the elites, who is coming forward about a plot that could have devastating consequences, and involved members at all levels of government. This person goes on to say how a fed in a bar informed him in a bar one time that his boss stole the Spear of Destiny from Hitler, and they are trying to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem so that they can summon forth their deity Lucifer to aide them in ruling the earth. Before we delve deeper into these secret societies, lets look at where the Luciferian doctrine came from.


In the 11th century Europe was in the throes of the crusades, and it was at this time soldiers were being sent to the middle east to reclaim the lands for the church. It was at this time that they were changed forever hearing the story of Adam and Eve from another perspective. They viewed Lucifer as the real god because he wanted to show man their true identity, while the Christian god wanted to suppress humanity. When the crusaders returned home, to study their teachings they formed the Templar’s, Freemasons, and the Rosicrucian’s to study without fear of death. In the 1880’s these same doctrines would become more public and ultimately resulted in the work “New World Order” by H.G. Wells. These same Luciferian doctrines are the same teachings used in these secret societies.
They believe that beings incarnate on life here to clear up karma, and return to our spiritual home. The true teachings of spirituality is to find the god within and to transcend to higher planes of consciousness, but Lucifer is the god of “things” and Lucifer promises worldly riches to his followers. Part of the Luciferian doctrine is that followers believe themselves to be god, so killing others is justifiable, and they do not feel accountable to anything but themselves. They believe in order from chaos, and are comfortable with the idea of serving Lucifer in the afterlife. We see the Georgia guide-stones which are supposed to be the new 10 commandments, in which it is stated in several languages that humanity should be reduced to 500,000,000 people.

Luciferian Doctrine


In this video we start out with a flash through some prominent Freemasons and are introduced to the connection between the Nazis and British Freemasons. The British royal family’s real name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and the book The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland argues that ancient heraldic documents trace their lineage to that of Jewish descent, despite their participation with the Nazis. The Duchess of Kent’s father was a member of the German SS, and her family have held many prominent roles in freemasonry. None of these secret societies allow members to talk about rituals, and often hold kings, presidents, and the ultra wealthy as members, and many more. The most powerful members of society are akin to these locales, performing hidden rituals in the name of Lucifer behind closed doors. The Order of the Golden Dawn was founded by the same person who found the Rosicrucian order which was no more than the occult teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah. The Golden Dawn changed hands several times, and over the years became nothing more than Freemasonry with added satanic witchcraft, and sexual mysteries that still exists to this day.
Alistair Crowley, an avid satanist, was one of the most prominent member of the Golden Dawn. Seeking a means of communicating with the devil himself, Crowley was quite familiar with many of London’s elite through their Freemason lodges. The secret societies view the goat of Mendez in the Baphomet position, and statues of George Washington exist mimicking this still today. Within freemasonry there are ranks, or degrees and it is incomprehensible what goes on at the highest levels of these societies.
We next get walked through the way Bush became president as a Freemason, tampered with the election, and declared victory before he even won. The Skull and Bones society used to be called The Brotherhood of Death, at Yale University, where all Bushes were members. There is a courtyard, and a room where initiates lay masturbating inside coffins, and these members have robbed real graves for real human skulls to display inside glass cases. Prescott Bush stole the skull of a prominent Apache Indian for his case, and even Hitlers artifacts are on display here. The Scroll and Key is another society at Yale University. The Skull and Bones society was founded and funded through international opium trade. This order encourages members to marry within families so to follow in the same footsteps protecting the status quo of their elite class. In the 170 years this society has existed, it has now members at the highest levels of banks, media, government, etc and are hell bent on world domination. The Skull and Bones are based on the German-Bavarian Illuminati and have about 900 members worldwide. It is assumed this society used CIA techniques to brainwash members to maintain silence. We see a brief clip of an initiate ceremony that was captured once from a nearby roof. The movie The Skulls was based on this same society.
During an initiate ritual there are members dressed as the Devil and the Pope, and a woman is ceremoniously beaten while members masturbate divulging their sexual history which makes for future blackmail material, and they are presenter new names. George Bush Sr. was renamed Magog by this same society. Ivy League colleges all have branches of this society, but the epicenter is in Yale taking orders from the German Illuminati.
It stemmed from German philosophers who believed that you could create change through a Left-Right conflict, and this is where the dialectal system was birthed from. The same logic is applied to war which both generate massive profits, and aide their ultimate goal of depopulating the planet. By manufacturing false conflicts, they can ensure wars continue to meet their ultimate goals. Under this philosophy, the State should take on the image of god, and the people should become obedient to it. With the manipulation of this two party political system, people are left fighting to the point that the elites are able to control and manipulate everything from behind the scenes, and effectively ARE the State. The pyramid with the eye on our money is actually a symbol derived from The Brotherhood of Death.
We then of course get some data on 9/11, including Bush’s donation to the Taliban, the CIA training the hijackers received, and the forewarning Bush had of the attack. In 2002 Bush invaded Afghanistan seizing control of the poppy fields, and in 2003 invaded Iraq where he seized their oil industry. We see America begin to illegally occupy middle eastern countries, and the rapid dissolution of the US Constitution.
The primary source that funds the skull and bones is the opium trade. Afghanistan is the worlds largest supplier of opium. Since the US and UK occupation the poppy output has reached an all time high, the same elites that join these societies and command our military among many other things.
I could likely write endless papers on these secret societies alone, but to sum up in a brief paragraph it would appear that the elites nowadays birthed from the secret societies of old, worshiping Lucifer in place of the god in Christianity. It would seem all to logical that if the Vatican knew what they preached to people in fact were not true, that there likely could be far more connections between the RCC and things like Freemasonry than I had originally thought. While the majority of people with morals and a spiritual inclination were stifled with the churches manipulation, these societies plotted the take over of the world as a whole over the span of several generations as the brief video below describes. Over time religions were corrupted by society’s elite, as their governments were too. The more time progressed they were able to gain power over institutions, and modify them so that people would remain unaware what they did behind the scenes. Before we get to the conclusion with the Sumerian Tablets, and the truth of spirituality that has been hidden from us it is worth noting with one more video what these elites that worship Lucifer believe they are trying to accomplish.

Skull and Bones the rumors are true

7 Facts about the skull and bones society

15 Most powerful skull and bones members


Beginning with the Bilderberg group and JFK’s assassination, we can already tell the NWO is not after anything good. “The men of the NWO seek to create a world of financial control in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country, and the economy of the world as a whole”. With a goal of blending America, Canada, and Mexico much like done with the EU, these same elites have sought to create a European style union in North America, utilizing a new currency called the Amero without the consent of voters. The same people behind these changes are behind our media, and we are only told what they want us to know. These people are behind the same moves for an African Union, and an Asian Union. When the time is right, these 4 bodies would ideally be united as one. By 2008 we are seeing almost no Council on Foreign Relations candidates, stolen elections, and a total loss of faith in the American political system. We see video of George Bush Sr. talking about it on television, and in today’s world this concept is no longer conspiracy, nations fight this as we speak. Essentially behind the scenes, this global cabal is enacting a long drawn out plan to siphon control of governments and economies globally, right up Lucifer’s alley they practice lord only knows what behind the scenes in their secretive cults. Now, on to the Sumerian tablets.


Mufon is a scientific organization that investigates UFO reports and educate the public on findings, and this video is a presentation on the Sumerian Tablets by one of their experts. Zacharias Stichin was an archaeologist and historian that hypothesized that the origins of humans may lie elsewhere in space, and he based a lot of this on the discovery of the Sumerian Tablets. Zachariah never questions the bible, but questioned the translations. He found that many ancient texts had certain words translated improperly which led to entirely different thoughts being conveyed through the literature.
Zacharias theory was that at one point in history, our world was occupied by beings from elsewhere in the universe, and they played a role in our evolution. It is now theorized that there are 30 to 50 billion earth like planets in our galaxy alone based on the discovery of exoplanets. The clay tablet library is in turkey, which is written in the language of before the flood. About 1,000,000 tablets have now been discovered, and even detail transactions within the economy. These are all originals, and detail an entirely different creation and history of humanity. In many tablets from 2300 BC there are visual scenes depicting things people should not have known at the time.
Sumerian culture was born between the Tigris and the Euphrates, and this is where humans oldest societies are believed to have been. The Jewish calendar begins with the same day these tablets list the god Anu having arrived on earth, though they believe that the earth was created on day one. As the person giving the lecture explains, tracing the changes in languages over thousands of years is a very useful tool in dating the writing of the tablets. Both Arabic and Hebrew are derived from Phoenician, a derivative of Sumerian language.
The Sumerians were the ones who first understood astrology, time, the 360 degree circle, the dozen, math, etc. They describe on these tablets the procession of the equinoxes, the wobble of the earths axis creating 2100 year long zodiacal ages. On these tablets it is written that wars were fought over the understanding of these ages, and that for quite some time we were lead around blindly by kings and these otherworldly beings. With these tablets, it ultimately comes down to the translations, and it sounds like quite extensive work has been put into that up to this point.
In the tablets describing the economy, numbers are being calculated that should not have been available into the 1900’s. On this tablet they are performing calculations on numbers in the 100 trillion which should have no place in what we have been taught about this time. The reason for this math was to calculate the data of the processional cycles, planetary distances, and the cycles of a 10th planet. The tablets describe a 10th planet, Nibiru, where the Anunaki lived or “those who came to Earth”. We see a list of leaders that ruled Earth for a period of time governed by a fixed number of 3600 year periods, as that is how many years their orbit takes. All of the Sumerian math was based on a hexadecimal system, and a 3600 year orbit was termed a ‘shar’. In these charts, kings ruling over Earth for 10 ‘shar’ would be 36,000 Earth years, and this is possible due to time dilation. NASA has since proven that clocks will become out of sync as they move further from the earths core, and we in fact do not understand time elsewhere. The idea is that these entities would experience the flow of time differently on their planet having such a wide orbit, and each time Nibiru would pass earth, to them it would have felt like one year even if it had felt like 3,600 on Earth.
The next anomaly discussed are pictures from the tablets that also illustrate Saturn with its rings, which would have required powerful telescopes to have seen at the time, or inside knowledge. Then we see a tablet from 2300 BC that has an illustration of our solar system with the sun at the center! There is one difference in this depiction of our solar system is that there is an additional planet, this is because at the time there was no asteroid belt but instead existed the planet Tiamat, which would later become Earth and the asteroid belt after a great collision.
To travel in a 3 dimensional space you actually need 7 coordinates, so that three intersecting lines may be created. We see a large circular tablet that describes the travel of people to Earth from elsewhere, describing Earth the 7th planet they passed on the way in our solar system. In other tablets we see drawings of devices being maintained both above and below ground. which the lecturer argues was an ancient landing pad. In the 16 tablets discovered from Gilgamesh they describe not only the flood, but what could also be interpreted at rockets taking off or landing in the night. The biggest cut stone in the world was 30 people wide, weighs 1100 tons, and somehow stones this size in Lebanon were stacked many levels high. To this day we are not able to maneuver stones this large in that way. Another interesting thing pointed out is that when the word for god is traced back to pictographic Sumerian text, it resembles a two stage rocket ejecture. The word god back then was even misused, and essentially was meant to be defined as a space traveler, or one who moves through space.
First, as these texts were passed down and copied through generations things were changed due to translation. Din Gir ultimately became Elohim, and later on the Romans would come to warp this same information much further for malicious intentions. Respectively, the word Annunaki became Nephilim or Rephaim in their respective religions due to evolution of language and copying of texts. The Nephilim were the offspring that were produced when the Annunaki laid with human women. There is another tablet which describes a great strike, where the Annunaki on earth protested the work in the mines and refused to do it any longer. According to this tablet that what came from this strike was a council meeting, and an eerily similar description of mans creation, except this version contains all the details edited out by the bible. including tablets of pictures where life was created in test tubes. The mother “Enti” holding up the first human created is actually where the concept for eve was ultimately derived from, and typically there is symbology in these images to indicate the 9 birth months applying to humans.
When we read about the great flood, it is written in the Gilgamesh tablets that it was the result of the creations being made by the Annunaki on earth. This tablet too describes some humans having survived this flood, and the gods ultimately allowing both them and the animals they had rescued to live on Earth. Prior to the flood happening we hear about the story of Noah, but in this version it is an Annunaki warning a human by a different name so that the creations may live on. Likewise we hear about the story of Moses from a different perspective, using different names and more details. In another tablet, we see the receipt of the 10 commandments, but being physically handed to a human by a physical being depicted sitting in a throne.
Zechariah Sitchin wrote over 20 books after having analyzed these tablets, essentially attempting to prove that all the religions of earth are nothing more than twisted versions of these same teachings, the result of transcription, misinterpretation, and direct manipulation by humans over the years. He had hoped to ultimately bring this theory to a factual conclusion, and had ideally hoped that it could facilitate humans finally being able to unify behind the actual history of our creation. The amount of information on the tablets as a whole when put into context in Sitchins books he is reported to make quite a compelling argument as to how humans everywhere actually are of the same source. It would appear to me that at the root of religion, lies too history, and these tablets contain the truth of it all. Now that we are generally familiar with what was known long before the Catholic church decimated mankind’s history, let us attempt to establish what spirituality and consciousness is.

More on the Sumerian tablets


All any person can do is exercise their intent to bring forth the things they wish in their life. What the expert in this video describes as the start of the journey towards enlightenment is an awakening. One must tear down the layers of what they have falsely come to understand up to that point in their life. We are all on a roller coaster and can only put our best fut forward, existence can realistically be broken down into a concept of intentions, and these are powered by the gratitude one has for what they have. Intent is frequency, each is unique, and as you put one out into the universe what will come back is the exact thing you need to achieve that intent. Almost every time a person exercises an intent, or frequency to increase their awareness what will almost always be required is deprogramming. The difficult part, is to not become discouraged by that which one does not yet understand, but to have gratitude for the things they do.
“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. As we progress through life with the intent to raise consciousness and become enlightened, we encounter situations in life, if we continue to respond the same as always we never progress forward. It is when we face our fears, challenge our egos, and truly learn the lesson intended and deprogram a bit so that we may progress forward on this journey. The hypocrisy even in the mainstream media that presents a view like this as crazy will present the politicians worshiping Lucifer in robes as having it together.
As the person explaining the concept here describes, we live in an energy sea. Our energetic fields, or our selves, interact with this sea. The frequency if our intent is the catalyst for essentially how we interact with everything inside this energetic sea. As described here, many churches are built on old pagan ritual sites, and the results of what they did are damaging. Essentially the repetition of these rituals over extended periods of time will create a vortex of negative energy that will impact humans in harmful ways. As the man elaborates, he has long believed that forces beyond our understanding have absolutely manipulated humans, but what they actually are may not be “demons”, or “djinn” as religious texts describe. Different entities can exist in different frequency bands, and examining our world one can see many things are inverted. We have a society that is for the majority of people founded upon morals and love, yet is continually plunged into the throes of war which could very well establish that people are being manipulated. By infusing the energetic sea in which we all exist with a ‘distortion’, the natural order of things is effectively mirrored backwards, completely distorting peoples perception.
As he continues, police brutality, violence, killing, suffering, and chaos are all expressions of the distortion upon the natural order of things. He states that the way of out of this is through frequency, and manipulating human perception so that we sync with the distortion, similar to tuning a computer to the internet. At that point people must consciously choose to move towards the natural order of things, love, and it will be at that point the distortions will stop and other perceptions will be allowed to come in, where one begins to find insight. People attached to the distortion will label these people as mad, for at this point the cosmic distortions have warped the norms to that of actual lunacy. What he describes going on right now is a struggle between the frequencies of balance, and chaos, and as more people are pulled into these distortions like violence, greed, sins, etc the vibrations if the energetic sea is lowered and we move away from balance and order. When it comes to the occult and the rituals, they are dealing with the perception of reality. The true nature of reality as he puts it has been continually suppressed. We must be kept in true ignorance so that we cannot realize our true nature or power, and return things to the natural order of love and balance. Don’t become a mirror of that which you condemn, and instead open your mind and let new ideas come in. The rituals performed by many of the societies described above are described here as being used to further the distortions of our energetic fields, lower our vibrations, and propagate their schemes to keep things working so well for them. For those familiar also with the book The Secret, this information may not be too new to you.
One of the pieces of deprogramming described in this video is a lot of what has been described above, unwinding much of what the people in power have ensured we were taught thus far. One must become willing to seek spiritual knowledge far beyond the confines of any given religion. The advice given, is to always question everything as nobody knows the absolute truths about everything. The ultimate truth isn’t just that one should be questioning everything, but that they should always aspire to be the best version of themselves they can be. There is a universe full of knowledge just waiting to be tapped into, and the best way to approach it is by asking oneself “how could i know what suits me best at this moment by reading just one book?” The real question is are people going to be themselves, or are they going to be the version of themselves someone else wants them to be? As soon as a person sets the intent to be themselves, and pursue the things they want, their frequency will shift and their world will begin to transform around them. The more people that can come to understand these truths, the more the frequency of society can be shifted back towards balance and love.

What is consciousness?

The Law of Attraction


In this next video we begin to explain these entities through breakthrough in physics and the concept of the multiverse. Thanks to breakthroughs in quantum mechanics theories about the multiverse are beginning to be seen more frequently in the public eye. Theories pose that potentially infinite universes exist outward through space, as well as the possibility that other universes are actually woven to ours. Each one could have different laws of physics, or creatures unimaginable to us. Equally possible are universes so close to ours that there could be identical copies of us living entirely different lives. In contrast to using religion to define reality, these models to attempt to quantify reality through math and logic. These models are often returned to because they offer the most reasonable answers to the paradoxes stumping scientists.
The end of the observable universe marks the furthest point matter has traveled since the bis bang occurred. The definition of the multiverse is an infinite group of universes comprising everything within them, and all applicable laws of physics. In 1957 a Princeton graduate student wrote a thesis called The Theory of Universal Wave Function where he observed the continual forming and breaking down of matter into right angles at the quantum level which causes reality to split and make new timelines, which makes all possible outcomes to any given scenario real in a parallel universe. Essentially at any given moment, anything that could does happen in the respective universe. Any time atomic particle interact with any other particles anywhere, they actually branch off from each other and become separate realities. Essentially this would go to imply too then, that as time progresses, exponentially more universes are continually created. This is also known as The Many Worlds Interpretation, where it compels the possibility that across all of these universes, we are actually living an unfathomable number of lives at the same time, and perhaps with further understanding of consciousness we could see that we may just perceive one timeline at a time.
It was not until years later these theories resurfaced amid discussions on dimensionality. An MIT student was attempting to understand how particles formed in the universe moments after the bang. He knew that somehow as energy traveled through space, it became matter, and posed a concept of repulsive gravity. The only way the universe could expand so far and fast, there had to be a force moving things, which could also in a fraction of a second produce the universe from a single molecule. The theory of rapid expansion of the universe, or inflation proved testable. The night sky presents remnants of radiation left over from the big bang, and were his theory true there should be temperature differences throughout the universe. In 2001 this was proven true, and then elaborated upon by a Russian scientist proposing the area outside of the universe must be dense matter holding our universe together. The hypothesis suggested, was that this could only be possible if big bangs were continually happening, creating more and more universes which were holding each other together. The idea of eternal inflation established that universes must be perpetually created throughout the infinite expanses of space.
Despite what scientists had originally thought, it was later discovered that the expansion of the universe was not slowing down, but was actually pushing galaxies apart at a faster rate. They also found that the energy used to speed up the expansion is actually trillions of times less than they expected. The discovery of ‘dark energy’ changed everything as it was so much more powerful than the matter they understood. They came to find out that the presence of too much dark energy could cause matter to not be created, and too little could result in the implosion of a universe. This raised a paradox, of how astronomically unlikely it was that a universe with the conditions perfect for life would actually form, and was again answered with the multiverse. From the moment of the big bang, if all possible outcomes had to occur the idea is that the original universes were birthed with each possible amount of dark matter and progressed onward into space.
String theory was a mathematical model that hoped to tie everything together under one concept. At the smallest level of particle physics, it was believed that strings of energy were present that were responsible for the formation of matter. This too requires math that leads back to the multiverse. For string theory to work, there must be many dimensions to quantify mathematically the interactions on the particle level. These strings would be directly responsible for what things are in the way DNA correlates to a Human being. The more string theory was studied, the more it became difficult to establish the shape of both our universe, as well as all of the combined universes. Some questions have yet to be answered, and likewise the theory as a whole has yet to be substantiated as it is still quite difficult to test theories as they arise.

5 Reasons we may be in a multiverse

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Double slit experiment

To really understand this theory, and how it was formed it takes another video to provide a bit more of the relevant material on the topic. When scientists aim to answer the weirdest questions that arise they turn to physics. Superposition describes our universe not through singular properties, but more like systems of probability. The first experiment he elaborates on (there are whole episodes on this alone) is the quantum slit experiment.
This was an experiment also initially don’t in an attempt to understand the big bang. Essentially light, or energy became the matter in the universe and scientists were seeking to understand how this occurs on a molecular level. Two slits would be made in a vertical surface, and photons (particles of light) would be sent through the slits one at a time. The study proved that the particles behaved normally when observed, but when the experiment was done to the contrary a single particle of light would behave as if it were a wave and pass through both slits. Quantum Mechanics came to understand that a particle will essentially try all paths and interact with one another before deciding on a final position.
We now are walked through the Schrodinger’s cat hypothesis. Essentially the idea was that if there were to be a cat inside a box with a flask of poison and a machine containing a radioactive element that would shatter the glass if it were to decay. Radioactive decay is a quantum process, meaning that until it is observed it exists in a superposition of states. It has both decayed and not, leaving the cat both alive and dead. This paradox is resolved with the idea quantum superposition cannot be applied to large scales, and will effectively disappear in a method called decoherence. In a fundamentally random way the universe will effectively pick outcomes based off of all possible outcomes, and histories. If more histories lead to a given result, the universe may be more likely to pick that outcome. It is called non-deterministic because there is no underlying predictability to it.
It was when people began to build off of the Schrodinger’s paradox that Hugh Everett discovered Universal Wave Function, and the many worlds interpretation. Instead of viewing reality as the universe simply picking an outcome at random, the math behind the multiverse theory would argue that all possibilities occur in universes that are infinitely created. The Copenhagen Interpretation merges the multiple world theory with the multiverse creating superimposed timelines, or realities happening on top of each other.
Essentially when the concept of free will is paired with the Copenhagen Interpretation we get deterministic universes where we can effectively steer ourselves towards the reality of our choosing. On a quantum level, anything that can happen does, and we can all be any version of ourselves we choose and our free will is how ne navigate space -time with our own consciousness. Effectively the double slit experiment proved over time that light would effectively behave as matter when observed. This was part of mans many attempts to quantify with science where everything comes prom. Al its origin, everything is just particles of light, they arrange to form matter. Matter than could include anything from a human to a diamond. These experiments sought to understand how in fact the same light could not only behave as matter, but in such a vast number of ways. At the birth of our planet, so many things that could happen did. Respectively so many things could be created that were. Quantum mechanics would argue that out there is every possible version of both this planet, and universe forever growing in this epic process. If the theory of the multiverse may come to explain entities from other dimensions, UFOs, the beings discussed in ancient texts who visited man, etc. Even beyond the idea of alternate realities or dimensions explaining “the law of attraction”, how do we control it? How does one quantify consciousness, or your ability to create an intent. One would have to effectively quantify ones soul to get to the root of what makes a person themselves, as well as the force allowing them to navigate space-time. In this next video we will take a look at what a soul might be in depth.

Many world’s interpretation of quantum mechanics

Many Worlds theory


Humans are multidimensional beings of immense proportions, who are present on many levels of reality at the same time! The concept of quantum entanglement would argue that we cannot be separate from source in essence. On a quantum level all particles are entangled meaning that the concept iterated in many religious text that god is within us is because that if fact is true. If all matter is in effect, light or energy, then it is all of the same source. We are likewise in that same respect one, of the same source.
The concept of the multidimensional self presents god as a sort of source consciousness. Essentially we are multilayered beings, and each soul or consciousness makes up a piece of the collective consciousness of source. These souls are likewise layered vertically in an oversimplified model, with the layer above the soul itself, is the “over soul”. The essence of all sentient energy is nonphysical. Only a very small portion of our beingness is present in our physical body. The self we identify as is in effect part of a much larger ‘sentient entity’, which too is part of something greater, upwards until reaching source consciousness, god, etc. The universe is conscious in its very fabric, and we exist inside something resembling a great cosmic mind. As the name suggests, all consciousness is derived from the universal field of consciousness.
Each of our individual consciousnesses are individual threads of this source consciousness and these are what souls are. Our soul is sentient energy essentially being encoded into the universe on a quantum level. Source consciousness is the force creating the universe, all matter, and our souls. Effectively, this theory argues it would be this source consciousness that interacts with light, or energy to create all things. This source consciousness is essentially perpetually experiencing things through these threads of consciousness, and as such, has divided into smaller sub groupings as time has progressed. Within the multiverse, source consciousness is experiencing too the outcomes of each possibility the different versions of you may experience. This consciousness is like an evolving structure that is forever growing outward.
There is a level often referred to as the soul group level, and there are stated to be several thousand of these groups on earth. A soul group can be comprised of 144,000 over souls, which in turn are comprised of 12 souls, which can subdivide to 12 soul extensions on lower vibrations. These soul groups are experiencing life on Earth to ultimately transcends to higher planes of existence and ultimately return to source consciousness. Where the source consciousness is essentially your highest self, your body or soul in an experiential vessel that is just one piece of the over soul. In a sense, your over soul is your true self, it is what drives you and guides you to be your best self. Because you are a part of the over soul, and it experiences through you, it does what it can to lead you towards positive outcomes. An unavoidable consequence of choosing to incarnate into the physical plane, lower plane, or Earth, is that we often are completely disconnected from our higher selves.
One of the reason life occurs is to experience the separation from the knowing that we are a part of one being, or consciousness. The process of dividing further and further upon experience allows for a never ending experience of perpetual work at reuniting with source. At any given time your higher self could be experiencing up to 144 existences at a time. At any given time in the multiverse, all possible outcomes that can happen, do happen, which would effectively disallow for time in a sense. In a different universe it could be any year in both the past or present, and your over soul can be experiencing existence in many places at once. Often people do incarnate in soul clusters, effectively experiencing different lives together partaking in different roles with one another to have the most possible experiences to achieve maximum knowledge to facilitate ascension to higher planes of consciousness. As multidimensional beings, beyond the self we are experiencing life as, we exist in many other places. The chief purpose of source consciousness is to experience all possible life paths. At any given point of any decision, of any significance the soul will split in parallel to the creation of a new universe to allow for the infinite expansion of experience.
To again reference the book The Secret, which discusses in depth The Law Of Attraction, this universal creative force could not in fact exist unless we were multidimensional beings existing within the multiverse. The ability to manifest ones intent to endless bounds in many ways would require the existence of all possible outcomes somewhere within the cosmos. It would seem quite obvious coming to these conclusions, that if much of this were the knowledge that has been withheld from people for centuries, there may be much logic to doing so from the perspective of the ones who twisted history over the years to stifle our awareness of our capabilities. Inherently by withholding this knowledge they have been able to use spiritual truths to amass unspeakable gains for themselves at the detriment to the majority of people. The only question left to answer really is what the purpose is, and to try to understand the cosmic journey our souls are on.

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In this last section we culminate by tying together a bit of the theory behind the lost spiritual knowledge, repressed by secret societies for centuries. Understanding our origins, and the nature of the reality we are experiencing is integral to the process of our consciousnesses ascension to higher planes. As with all realities within the great cosmic mind, this reality is essentially a mental construct. There are many souls which chose to experience lifetimes in this reality, as they provide immense learning opportunities for your souls growth. The foundational glue that both creates and binds the universe together is consciousness, and your soul is one piece of this root consciousness. Your soul on all levels, across all realities, in all their respective universes are creating these experiences to encounter life from an incredibly vast pool of perspectives. In most realities we would experience, we lived knowing our nature as creators stemming from the root consciousness.
At a given point in this quest for knowledge, our souls encountered the paradox that we were always born into these realities knowing our true nature, but never the opposite. It was at this point that higher levels of our collective consciousness manufactured a new reality in which we would come to be knowing nothing of our true nature. The purpose of this new reality would be to learn more about ourselves by needing to acquire the knowledge all over again. In a sense, your body is not much more than a vessel piloted by your soul to effectively experience life in this reality to learn our true nature all over again. The presence of the ego is a direct result in this reality of coming to exist separated from the knowledge of what we really are. As we awaken in life and raise our vibrational frequency, we will systematically increase our awareness and elevate our consciousness towards that of the source. The ultimate underlying idea being, that we will continue to endure the challenges of life until we learn the appropriate lessons and are able to move the collective conscious as a whole closer to that of the source.
.- Adam Rice

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