Indianapolis Mother Has Children Wrongly Taken By CPS And Denied Reunification – #JusticeForJessica


This story was sent to me several days ago from the mother in the following story. The story below is her own words. I felt it was best told the way she sent it to me. She has kept copies of all court documents and relevant paperwork and can make available upon request. If there is anyone out there able to help this family reunited, it is highly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please share!

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Indianapolis Mother denied reunification after children were wrongly removed by Department of Child Services for an unfounded sexual abuse allegation. Created by an abusive father whom sexual abused his child and is a convicted Sex Offender Days after mother is granted a restraining order against him.

Mother graduating from college, while children in DCS custody.

Jessica Cofield 30 of Indianapolis has been fighting a DCS case for the past three years.
In September of 2016 after being granted a lifetime restraining order against her children’s father, 3 days later Dcs case substantial against mother.
Mother loses custody of her two minor children Michael 3 (Mikey) and Micaylla 5 (cay cay).
DCS claims that during an extended court order visitation with father, Micaylla complained of pain her in vagina while giving her a bath. according to DCS, mother was presents and asked her friend to stop. Mother Jessica denies the allegations as to her friend due to never having her children alone with her friend. “I never have left my children alone in the care of this friend” and I would never allow a man to give my child a bath. Interesting enough her daughter’s disclosure to the forensic interviewer by DCS states, Micaylla didn’t disclose sexual abuse by the alleged perpetrator, . Micaylla stated she hurt her privates by sitting on toys. Micaylla pointed to her vaginal area as her privates on the picture of a girl’s body.
Dcs Continued to state due to a preponderance of evidence that Sexual abuse accorded by mother’s friend while Mother was present.
DCS hasn’t proved a preponderance of evidence as to abuse as the alleged perpetrator was never Arrested and no charges were filed due to A lack of evidence. Case Manager admitted this in a cftm. He even went to DCS office to give a statement of his involvement. And no arrest were made. What’s even more shocking mother had recently been involved with DCS after Micaylla reported sexual abuse by her father two months prior to the case being opened against her. DCS didn’t intervene as they believed Micaylla’s disclosure of the abuse between her and her father
Father whom is a convicted lifetime sex offender was granted parenting time with no restrictions after an Marion County Paternity Court judge ruled he could have visitation unsupervised. Father was on probation for failing to register as a sex offender and was facing another failing to register charge. At this time mother was represented by counsel, and counsel supenoea the sheriff that the father is assigned to give testimony. The judge in paternity court refused to hear the sheriff’s testimony and stated she wanted a temporary order put into place allowing father to have visitation. Mother refuted visitation because the reason father was facing failing to requester charges was his continual lies of his residence. He had been telling the registration board he was living at addresses that were clearly abandoned and drug/ bug infested hotels notorious for crime. Father who had not had meaningful contact with the children previously was awarded weekend visitation with over nights. Mother asked for an address ( as she is required to have do to Indiana Parenting time Guidelines) but the judge told her he doesn’t have to give her an address because she had the address of the hotel but the children wouldn’t be staying there. “ I don’t care about him I care that my children will be safe and free from harm, It is my right to know where my kids are as the custodial parent.!

After coming home From a Visitation with Father. (notes Scratches on her chest)

Mother states she was threatened with jail and fines if she didn’t comply and send children with the child molester. Mother whom graduated with honors from college with a Human service degree, just wanted a resolution from her abusive x boyfriend/ Children’s father and to move forward with life. “DCS failed to protect my family” stated mother.
During the pick up and drop offs, to which mother was granted to take place at a police station, Father and his girlfriend continue to remain aggressive mother. On many occasions father would repeat call mother wanting to argue about court and visitation. Father and his girlfriend threatened to fight the mother, showed up at her church, urinated on mother’s door , stalked her friends etc….Father even told mother she wasn’t safe at the police station because if something happened the police station is closed. Mother requested that father just text her after he continued yelling at mother after she picked up the children from visitation. Mother whom didn’t go to pick up and drop offs alone for safety, had witness who calibrated mothers abuse from father. Mother was granted a restraining order on September 2nd,2016 against father whom was ordered to no longer be apart of pick up and drop offs and was only to communicate by text for the needs of the children, His girlfriend was given the ok to pick up the children for transport.
After this hearing mother and her attorney waited for paper work from the courts. Father girlfriend ask for the children’s Medicaid info. Mother ignored as there is counsel put in place to exchange thus info. Mother proceeded to drop the children off at the police station for father’s holiday visit. The girlfriend then approached mothers’ friend the alleged Preparator who was suppling transportation at the time, for the Medicaid cards. He then repeated he same statement as mother about containing the attorneys of record for the exchange. You can visible see the upset on the girlfriend’s face. The children were gone for their visit.
Over the weekend, I didn’t Receive any calls or text to how the children were doing. Due to this visitation following on the Labor Day weekend, the girlfriend was required to return the children on Monday at 7pm at the police station. I arrived at the police station at 648pm I received a text message from girlfriend at 6:50 pm stating that she was running late because of an issue with her children. She would text when she could drop the children off.
Several hours past after my calls to the police in Hamilton County were the girlfriend resided, asking for a wellbeing check, I received a received a call from DCS at 9:45pm stating that I needed to come to the hospital. Eskenzi here in Indianapolis. When I arrived at the hospital I was treated unfairly. My mother was present with me at the hospital. The case worker didn’t even come to me until over an hour later. I asked the nurses what time did Micaylla arrive at the hospital and was told 5:41pm. I was also told of Micaylla discloser and the nature behind it. I told case manager there was no way that it couldn’t have happened due to friend only having contact with Micaylla while I have been present. Never giving Micaylla a bath or whipping her because Micaylla can wipe herself. My mother also agreed and stated that Micaylla would’ve told her if she couldn’t tell me. I told her my friend doesn’t live in my home and only transported me and Micaylla to and from school sometimes and visits because I didn’t have transportation and the trouble with my X stalking me. I also stated that the father is a registered sex offender. I stated that Micaylla disclosed that her father touched her inappropriately in June 2016. Stated that this isn’t her problem as the case has nothing to do with what was stated that evening. She also stated that the case was closed. Mother communicated that this coaching by father because he was mad she moved on with her life thinking the preparator was her boyfriend and mad about the order of protection. DCS has a case on file and the father was never communicated with about the allegations or investigated. I also showed DCS father’s girlfriend online exposing herself in an explicit manner adverting herself for sexual favors. Dcs caseworker left the room and when she came back, she stated that she wasn’t going to give the children back to me because I didn’t believe my daughters disclosure. My mother stated to give them to her and the case worker stated that she would give to the father first and that’s how it goes. But father is a sex offender and this is a sex offense case. From the beginning this shows bias behavior of dcs as they admittedly took the fathers side knowing he is a child molester.

Since being placed in custody dcs has rendered more abuse to this family. Dcs Having record of father’s conviction and daughter’s disclosure, dcs still) decided to place the children in the care of father and girlfriend.
At the first initial hearing, the children were removed from father’s girlfriend by Judge Marlynn Moores. She believed there may be a potential for coaching as one parent might be trying to gain leverage on another for custody.
Mother provided dcs with a list of family members whom have clean backgrounds whom had the ability to take the children in. But dcs decided to forgo any of mother’s family and place the children with the father’s uncle and aunt.
After a few months Dcs contacted mom as to the uncle and aunt being harassed by the father, and for placement recommendations. Again, mother provided dcs with options, but dcs again decided to place the children back with father and girlfriend.
That was devasting! Stated mother. How can you place my children in the home of a monster! A monster you know molest children!!! A proven abuser! Dcs is supposed to protect children not further allow abuse by father. Mother also provided proof of girlfriend naked exposed soliciting herself online for sexual favors. Dcs still ignored, mothers wish. “All i wanted was for my children to be safe until this all was sorted out.”
What is even more crazy is that mother agreed to services for counseling for her child but made it very clear that it was the father whom sexually abused her daughter. I continued to state this and DCS took my agreement of services as an admission. I never admitted to their allegations and I only agreed that Micaylla had stated that she had been touched sexual. Not by the alleged perpetrator but by her father. Once mother realized the error the courts was making she filled a motion to be heard and a fact finding hearing. The judge never ruled on this order and never denied or granted mother the chance to present evidence.

And abuse did continue as dcs denied knowledge of father residence with girlfriend. Father was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender from girlfriend’s home in December of 2016. A violation of children’s safety plan as father was only granted supervised parenting via the chins case. When presented with evidence of the arrest and the location of arrest dcs still decided to allow the children to remain in girlfriend’s custody. The girlfriend whom was living on a subsided housing voucher was evicted and moved her two children and the two children in DCS Custody in with her mother. Stating, since he is in jail he is no threat now, Father was remained to custody for 1 year.
“Nothing I say or do even with evidence, will these dcs people believe. The proof is in their face. But they still allow my children to be abused!!!!” Stated mother, “Dcs treated me like I was crazy. I felt like i was in a twilight zone.
The children remained in custody of dcs. While mother continued her fight for her children. ” The services dcs offered my family were unnecessary as I already was involved in Nacs a program through the children’s bureau Two months prior to case being opened”. Mother on her own volition seeked services. Mother stated, I meet with my Nacs worker once a week at my home and mothers. She engaged my kids and I She had no concerns as to any types of abuse. Mother also stated she seeked out help from this program to obtain a restraining order after other attempts failed.
I just wanted him to leave me alone! And he wouldn’t stop stalking and harassing me! mother stated. In June 2016 daughter reported that father had touched her deep down in her vagina. She disclosed this to
DCS worker (Case number 10000793375) Micaylla was forensic interviewed and disclosed that her father touched her to interviewer. She also stated that dad said he was going to kill her mother if she told. DCS never contacted father or found father for investigation. During this time, I was working with a Nasc caseworker on my own valuation for assistance with the ongoing legal matters and the disclosure of Micaylla’s sexual abuse. Her name is Kendal Lane. Kendal assisted me in applying for a protection order and she was present during the DCS forensic interview and heard Molly Chalk stated that Micaylla disclosed her father touched her inappropriately.
On June 16th A team meeting was conducted between Molly Chalk, Kendal Lane NAC caseworker and me. During this meeting, I was asked questions about my goals and I told DCS that I am currently finishing my degree in Human Service and I am a Bowen Scholar. My home and my mother’s home was checked and was cleared and there was never a concern for the safety and wellbeing of the children. My mother participated in the meeting and disclosed her concerns as well for the safety of the children in Michael Sr. care. She also disclosed what she has witness and heard the children say about their visits over father’s home. The children were actting out sexually. I caught my daughter pulling down her brother pants in front of my lab top. They both after a visit over fathers smeared fecal on mother’s bathroom walls. Mother disclosed all of this to dcs.
Mother completed services, but dcs wasn’t complying and issuing referrals to providers in a timely orderly fashion and blaming mother for not complying at court hearings. Mother decided to take matters into her own hands and found her own therapists and reached out to providers to set up her services. ” I want my kids, I wanted them home as soon as possible!

One of the last birthdays mother was able to have with her daughter before DCS removal.

But instead of seeing this as a positive, Dcs refuted mom’s actions and believed her repeated attempts at holding dcs accountable for their mis actions was that of and trouble manipulation some.
Mom was ordered to have a clinic evaluation. The evaluator showed mom the referral dcs Sent from case manager that stated that mom was manipulating the case. Mother whom is trained and licensed in Human service states,
As a recent Human Service Graduate, A Human Service Professional can’t make a diagnosis or sway the opinion of an evaluator in an profession they are not trained in. This is unethical.
And again, dcs clinical evaluation painted mother as not having empathy for her children because she told the truth about the sexual abuse. ” I was diagnosis as being Narcissistic because I told the truth and I spoke of my knowledge of sexual abuse from my educational background.” I have no reason to lie, I want my children home and I spoke up about the abuse my children have endured through DCS.
Mother still fought and participated in services offered by Dcs. Completing a parenting evaluation, home based Casework, participating in therapy, 16 weeks DV courses and supervised visitation. Mother passed all screens and received recommendations as being a good mother.
Visitation was going well as they could as DCS continued to lie on mom saying her children were afraid to come home as well as saying the children were being abused during visits. Supervised providers reported mother as having excellent visits and recommended increase in time, but dcs denied saying mother doesn’t understand the trauma the children have endured.

Some Visitation Pictures.

Mother refuted dcs claims, as she continues to state her belief of sexual abuse to her daughter, but by her father the sex offender.
Mother remained engaged completing services, but dcs continued to inflict this family with more trauma. Mother was accused of canceling visits when provider and placement canceled. ” I did have to cancel a couple of visits due to some medical emergencies, but I was very for coming with dcs as to these cancelations. Reports show over the course of 1-year provider and placement canceled 20 visits. I was devastated, I wake up thinking I’m going to spend time with my children and then 40 minutes before they’re supposed to show I find out they weren’t coming.” Mother was also accused of not attending services or unsuccessful closures because Dcs didn’t keep their records together
Instead of dcs helping the family overcome barriers, the continue alienate the mom from her children and present the mother as being uncaring to the provider and placement (father girlfriend).

Visitation with the children. Christmas 2017 and Halloween 2017

DCS was to be conducted CFTM’S. Child family, team meetings on a reoccurring basis. Mother had requested these meetings as Dcs had made no attempts to conduct these meetings until mother requested them.
Mother addressed her concerns about visitation the conditions of the children while at placement and others. And again, mother’s concerns were ignored and treated as mother is being difficult. Mother states, “The children have reported to being starved and not allowed to eat where placements children were eating, not having proper medical and dental care, poor hygiene and not having proper clothing for seasons”. On two occasions my daughter cut her hair off and I only became aware during a visit. My daughter stated, placement didn’t want me to tell you! After reporting to the FCM, I was told my daughter took scissors and cut her own hair.” Im still questing how my 5-year-old was able to get to scissor unattended.” The supervised visitation provider became increasingly bias as his behavior became in favor of father. This provider played sides as he provided supervision for both mother and father. Mother overheard provider calling placement notifying her that I was taking pictures of the bruises my children had on their bodies. He stated he was giving her a heads up”. He also told mother and grandmother that he was ok with grandmother being apart of visit full time when the judge ordered 25%. Dcs tried to make it seem as if grandmother did all the work during visits because the children ask grandma for things, but not understanding that grandma was the second parent all their lives. Mother lived with grandma and most of the time and she keep the children while mother worked or attended school. He didn’t take responsibility for his behavior.
After doing further Research mother found that the visitation Provider has an intensive criminal History background that would demote him as an responsible facilitator for children. After viewing my case/Indiana this provider was convicted BURGLARY/FBCRIMINAL of CONFINEMENT/FC HABITUAL OFFENDER/SE CRIMINAL CONFINEMENT/FC. In 2012 an 2013. Several driving without valid driver’s licenses with a pending case currently, in 1995 he was convicted of BURGLARY/FA, CRIMINAL CONFINEMENT/FB, KIDNAPPING/FA, POINTING A FIREARM/FD, RESISTING LAW ENFORCEMENT/FD, HANDGUN:CARRYING WITHOUT A LIC./MA, HANDGUN:CARRYING WITHOUT A LIC./FC, HABITUAL OFFENDER/SE. and in 1990 Possession Cocaine/Methamphetamine Or Sched I or II Narcotic Drug. Mother stated now I understand why he could relate to the father as their both criminals.
Dcs was to monitor the children while in placement but failed to do so. Mother again took matters into her own hands by calling dcs hotline and reporting and filling a complaint with the ombudsman office. ” I asked to be included and receive information about my children’s medical care, schooling etc…. I was denied and never informed.” DCS even Believed that Michael was suffering from ADHD and reported his behavior was due to him hearing voices. DCs blamed mother saying the children were physical abused, and mentally abused. None of which these accusations were found in the initial investigation reports and were furiously.
“I tracked down all of my children’s medical records, and school/ Daycare records, If there was abuse going on physical or mental, somebody would’ve already report me and there would be proof.” Mother also states that She called DCS two months Prior to report against mother the children’s father for the abuse occurring in his home during Visitation, 2 months before the case opened against her.
“I let DCS in my home to see my screen my home and speak to my children on 3 occasions. There were no concerns as to abuse or neglect and the children remained in my custody.
After an extensive investigation, The Ombudsman office found MERIT TO MOM’S REPORT that dcs failed to keep records of medical care and mandate the children to receive care as appropriate. I knew something was up when I asked about the care of the children and I couldn’t get answers.
Dcs changed Family Case Manager (FCM) in December of 2017. When this change accorded, the new Fcm wanted mother to redo services. Stating mother wasn’t engaged in therapy and Home-Based Casework. Mother refuted Dcs and provided proof dcs denied saying therapists wasn’t communicating with dcs. Mother again showed proof but at the next hearing dcs ask for a modification to add a therapist of their own. This was another attempt of dcs to delay reunification. My therapists had been in communication with dcs and I had proof from the owner of the agency on their communications with therapy.
Dcs also requested for mother to re-engage in Homebased Casework which was already completed successfully and sexual abuse education to which dcs had no agency and plan for these programs. Mother whom already completed courses in sexual abuse, child development etc.
Mother again sought out programs in Indiana that educated families on sexual abuse. Stewardship of children a program created through darkness to light hosted by the Indianapolis children’s bureau an agency Dcs partners with. This program is nationally accredited through The National Association of Social Workers (Approval #886458319-2184ll The National Board for Certified Counselors {ACEP #6635}.
Mother completed the course and was told the program wasn’t approved just because it was going to give her additional credits towards her college degree. The judge and dcs didn’t like this as they took it as Mother trying to one up them on a service. As soon as the judge found out it was going to count as credits towards my education she denied the program. The Mother produced a curriculum of the program and ask Fcm specific goals of sexual abuse course dcs was looking for. Mother still completed the program and the educational goals dcs listed have been accomplished thru this program.
On January 8th, 2018 the girlfriend drops the children off at dcs with none of their items and will not return any of dcs calls. Now that children have been out of girlfriend’s home the children are and have reported. Even more abuse by the girlfriend. The guardian at lite, case manager all have admitted openly in court that placement with the girlfriend was a terrible choice. The Guardian at litem Stated, she had her suspensions but didn’t have enough evidence to present it in court.
DCS had proof in their own record of fathers abuse and his history of sexual abuse but decided based on their own beliefs whom was guilty without formal investigating. DCS was also aware of the fathers Girlfriends lengthy history of prostitution and her promoting sexual favors online for money.
Another interesting fact DCS doesn’t acknowledge is there was obviously Manipulation, Intimidation, and Coaching in the care of placement Fathers Girlfriend.
What is clear is the children only feeling safe to talk to FCM and other Providers about the abuse occurring in the home until after they were no longer in that Home.
“This is all so clear to see, DCS was supposed to be asking the children about their care in placement and If DCS truly asked these Question, and children said no to abuse, it shows that the children were to scared to speak up on the abuse occurring by placement. The case DCS substantiated against me is furiously tainted due to obvious coaching, Manipulation and intimidation by Father and Girlfriend.
Dcs contacted mom about placement again. Mom provided a list but DCS, FCM was in a rush and placed the children in Muncie Indiana in a home with 8 other foster children. ” This was basically a (sweatshop) plantation for children. Cultural and socially dcs didn’t respect the children’s roots and moved them to a community when there was always an available placement in Marion county.
This new placement created a conflict for services most importantly visitation. Dcs wanted mother to re-engage in Homebased Casework having the supervised provider become the caseworker as well because provider couldn’t receive payment per millage to travel to Muncie to pick up the children and back after dropping the children at the new placement. Dcs plan was to have mother ride with provider so provider can get paid for travel. Mother refused for two reasons. Mother stated ” Dcs cut my hours from 10 hrs weekly to 6 hours weekly. I fought hard to get an increase to move towards reunification. My children wanted more time and DCS took it away because of their failure. I argued with DCS for over a month because they refuse to bring my children to Indianapolis which had always been the plan. At the next hearing DCSs ordered by the judge to be provided visitation for at least 6 hrs to Indianapolis. Mother explained due to her schedule she was physically unable to travel for visitation. Dcs tried to bring children with a new provider but after the provider realized the amount of millage and gas that would have had to be accosted from her pocket wanted to know if the children would be moved back to Indianapolis.
In March of 2018 Father was released from prison, in court he questioned about the abuse that accorded by his girlfriend and he stated he was aware of the abuse and told his girlfriend to discipline his children. Dcs finally ordered father to do services but he refuted.
After the hearing, father violated mothers order of protection asking to speak with her as she was trying to leave. Father left the Courthouse with the current FCM.
Mother filed a contempt against father in court which has yet to be heard. ” There is nothing he needs to speak with me about”. The children are not in my custody and anything about the kids should be openly stated in the court in front of the judge. Mother states also this was an again obvious attempt by the father to cross boundaries. ” He doesn’t understand that its over. This is a game to him, because if I so called allowed this to happen to our daughter why do you want to talk to me? Mother points out in the initial investigation report father stated he couldn’t communicate with mom about the Alleged abuse due to the restraining order being in place but, yet father violates a year later.
Mom brings up an incident that occurred In February of 2015, Mother had a temporary restraining order against the Father. The father and his girlfriend show up at the children’s daycare which is a couple of blocks from mothers’ residence. The director notified mother and provided her with proof in a letter of the events that occurred. The letter stated that the girlfriend had been to the daycare previously incurring about employment. The mother later learned that the girlfriend lives in Westfield Indiana and it doesn’t makes since for her to attempt to get a job at a daycare in Downtown Indianapolis just so happens where her boyfriends children attend. Mother attest “This was the beginning working plan to kidnap my children” she was trying to get close to them and then create an situation to try to get custody of my babies.
Dcs contacted mom about Homebased casework and sexual abuse education again, Mom refused as provider couldn’t meet moms schedule. Home Based Casework had already been completed successful. Sexual Abuse and Trauma Education had been completed as well. DCS still refused visitation, mom refused to redo services. “Why would I redo services to delay my case and still not get to see my children?”

During this time, the foster family in Muncie started to report increasing behaviors out of the children. The children were upset and wanted to see their mother and their behaviors became negative. Instead of DCS bringing the children to their mother, their remedy was to attempt to place Micaylla on medication.” I received an email, From FCM about placing Micaylla on medicine. I ask for the reports from children’s therapist as well as notes from foster family. Dcs did supply these notes but then decided not to place Micaylla on medicine.
Due to the children’s behavior the foster family decided that they wanted the children to be removed. The children were removed and placed in a children’s shelter. Dcs contacted Mother via email about a visit for an hour for one days but the offer was last minute, and mother couldn’t adjust to accommodate. “The children were back in the city, why couldn’t I regain my 10 hrs? or even get an Increase?” Interesting enough the Children’s Shelter were the children were being held, is the same place were mother received the sexual abuse Training and was denied as being a credible source for education. The Children’s Shelter is 4 blocks away from her home. “They were right up the street and DCS still wouldn’t bring them to me.”
Dcs finally placed the children with one of mother’s family member. whom was recommended from day one. Now that children are back in the county, Dcs still refused to grant mother her full 10hrs.
DCS and Guardian at Litem decided to suspend mom’s visitation until she completed services for 30 days. At this point courts based of DCS lies, decided to change the case plan from reunification to adoption.
Mother states, I wasn’t receiving visitation before dcs suspended my visitation. “This is DCS trying to back me into a corner and make me redo services already completed Successfully.” At this point why continue to make contact when the case manager was trying to bully me into doing a service already done, and I wasn’t gonna get to see my children. It hurts, but I have to take a stance.
The case manager gave many reasons why mom should redo Home based Casework even saying that the provider closed out unsuccessfully because of as licensees issue. Just anything to come up with to delay mother and reunification. She stated services like understanding trauma and coping skills, these were already beginning addressed with therapy, and mother already completing Domestic violence education which addresses trauma from adult to child sexual, mental, etc….
What is clearer is that there is proof that mother completed Hbcw and for this to be a redo legally the case manager would have to ask the courts to enforce this service since the record reflects that it has been completed. This didn’t happen.
What did happen was on November 21st, 2018 has decided to Terminate Her Parental Rights. Stating that there were clear and convincing reasons for termination.
But where the reasons?
Dcs held a termination hearing without properly notifying mother of the proceedings. From the beginning. This hearing was held under default because Dcs claims they had no contact with mother. Mother had left a forwarding address with the case manager via email of her new address for her mail. No mail was sent about hearings.
There also was no ADI Avadavat of diligent inquiry completed and Dcs had contact information for grandmother to which they could’ve reached out too. They didn’t. There was no legal attempt to notify mother and from the very beginning after researching the order dcs submitted for termination of rights dcs asked the courts to find mother as default. The courts agreed.
The court order stated two things, mother didnt engage in any services, and she hadn’t seen her children since march 2018. Lies, lies and more lies, mother states. How can a case stay open for 2 years if I didn’t engage In any services at all.? There is proof in the progress report court orders that my services were completed.
As far as not seeing my children since March 2018, this goes back to the Gal and case manager suspending my visitation because they were trying to bully me into redoing HBCW. Mother as notes a email that she has between gal and case manager where the Gal thinks mom is in a power struggle with Dcs. There is no power struggle, I am educated, determined and refuse allow these people to push me over. My children and I have been abused to many times, but we are survivors. I will speak up for my rights and I expected to be treated with all the rights and respect that I have given through these proceedings. I never once blew up or cursed anyone in this case.
Mother has filed for an appeal. It has now even been shown by the appeal board records that Trail court and dcs has continued to deny mothers due process. The process in which the appeal board has to remained jurisdiction. Necessary paper work was denied by staff to be submitted for mother. Mother had to submit multiple documents to the appeal board requesting to proceeded. When mother requested appointed counsel, Trail Court Judge delayed mother and issued court dates on dates with out again properly serving mother. The judge in appeals seen this problem and sent an order demanding the judge in trail court to appoint mother counsel. This has happened and mother is getting ready to appeal the termination of her rights.
During this process on June 10th, 2019, My mother received an email from the case manager with her supervisor the gal and another provider attached. This email asked my mother if she would give them her contact information and mines as well.
CRAZY!!! My rights are terminated at this point and had been since November 2018. What is the propose of getting my info for now? Why are contacting me ? once a case is in appeals, dcs and trail court stop having hearings, etc… you took my rights saying you couldn’t reach me but now mystery you have a way that you didn’t have before to notify me via next of kin,.
Father Contacted mother via Facebook on July 12th at 1;30 am.
Here is his unedited full message to mother:
I know I am probably the last person you want to hear from but we have both made horrible mistakes but there are no protective orders stopping me from trying to make things right with YOU Jessica. I have done wrong by you and my children by being away for so long, you were wrong for holding on to the resentment for me leaving you alone. Our beef hurt OUR children the most. Please Jessica we have lost our kids, and that’s the truth. You were impatient for me to get myself together, and I was impatient with you for being impulsive but I hope and pray that was because you were just young. I miss my family and have tried so hard to replace it instead of try to work it out and have let other people influence my decisions and for that I sincerely apologize to you Jessica. I am a man who is able to stand on his own now, I don’t know if you are married, engaged, or in a relationship right now but if you are, I want you to know this is out of respect for you and yours. I just want to know if you would willing to let bygones be bygones for the sake of our children. I am not asking for anything from you. I am doing fine on my own. And I am proud of you for your accomplishment but for the both of our accomplishments put together, they all mean nothing if we dont have our kids so please… can we work together? If not, it’s no hard feelings, just please dont start no shit with me. You have made me suffer enough as it is and I understand what you think I deserve, I’ve accepted it, and I’ve dealt with everything you have done to me because I fucked up with you and my children. Can we fight for our children? Together or not. I put myself to the side for my children, I pray you can do the same. Please respond. Btw, RaeLynn has not been a factor in my or our children’s lives in over a year!
congratulations on all of your accomplishments, I have always told you that you were capable of it and keep it pushing forward.
Also please let do this without it getting ugly! You and me, no families involved at all. If you are not willing to make amends, please just say that and I will respect that. And again, I’m not asking anything from you but understanding and to be cool.
Admission of guilt. Why do you want to work with me if I supposedly allowed all of this to happen to our child? My rights are gone he signed adoption consents so what else is there that we need to discuss? Father keeps trying to contact mother even after neither one has rights to the children. He wants to work together and fight for the children but how is that possible when from his end he got what he wanted.? From the beginning it was all about the father trying to control her and use the system to abuse her. This is called abusive litigation. Father, His Girlfriend, DCS, GAL Providers all aid the convicted child molester AND ALLOWED HIM TO REOFFEND AND ABUSE THIS FAMILY.
Mother has used her pain and hurt not to give up but fight harder. Mother has been busy furthering her education Mother as mentioned above graduated from College with Honors, and is completed training as a stewardship of children, which directly explains how to recognize, protect children from sexual abuse and neglect. She has a degree in Human Service and now she is obtaining her bachelors from one of the premier colleges ranked 11 in best colleges in the United States. She continues to maintain a 4.0 GPA and has been offered a host of scholarships.
Mother has obtained Human Service Board Certified Practitioner Certification another step towards her goal in achieving a Master Of Counseling Degree. She has also picked up to medical certs pharmacy tech and certified medical administrative Assisting to match her Patient Access cert in 2015. She has also obtained specific trainings through The National Child Traumatic Stress Network which is approved for credit hours through the American Psychological Association, The Impact of trauma and the experience of young children in the child welfare system, Caring for Kids: What Parents Need to Know about Sexual Abuse and many others.
Mom is a go getter and a fighter. When asked how she has coped with all of this she stated that if it wasn’t for her strong faith and the love for her children, she would have given up long ago.

This mother deserves to be reunified with her children.

Help this mother receive justice.

Please share bring Mikey and Cay Cay home.

Evidence, emails, court reports, investigation reports available upon request.