I moved…

So I’m just going to take a second to blog my first post on here. It’s been a long road to getting this idea off the ground. I had been working with a few people on a Yellow Vest Movement site over the past few weeks until it was hacked sometime yesterday without notice. I believe steps are still being taken to get that site back up, but I don’t know if it will happen nor why it happened. Since it wasn’t my domain, I had no place to get this information to in the short term and it didn’t sit right with me having this stuff not be live. I have now acquired my own domain and am building a house here for Truth4change. In my large posts I will continue to systematically pick apart the plan of the NWO, the facts of how corrupt our society has become, and more. Likewise, as time progresses I will do my best to break relevant stories as they occur.


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