This first video shown is a quick walk through of a few of the many things wrong with Facebook. At this time, I’m writing this with the intent to establish the underlying reasons people should consider both boycotting the platform, as well as marching to the headquarters in protest if you live nearby. Our narration here starts of with the point that If you didn’t pay for a product then you likely are the product. Between affecting sleep, relationships, and more Facebook is actually bad for you! Likewise, as much as Facebook can help bring people together it also plays a huge role in how divided we are becoming. Another point the video makes, is that Facebook has been shown to enable depressive tendencies by subjecting people to content of others lives which they subsequently compare themselves to. The next point the video makes is that its best to disable all notifications on our devices. The more we receive likes and shares it has a tendency to become almost an addiction where we need to view and respond to everything immediately. It can even get to the point that one gets obsessed with checking to see if they have comments before the notification dings. The next piece of advice here is to tweak the privacy settings so you cant be tagged in photos, and to likewise set your profile to decline adds from random people as he puts it “what difference does it make?” At the end of the day, in small amount these things can be fine and harmless, but the way Facebook is set up is to use these features so you do become addicted or “stuck” in the app. Another piece of this too is the suggestion to remove friends that you don’t know, Facebook is also set up so users begin to view themselves through a lens of how many followers they have.and that also can be problematic. Likewise suggestions like changing password often or deleting app are viable options to make it more difficult to use so often. The recommendation to quit would be not that bad, as he says “whats the worst that would happen?” At the same, its not entirely necessary as in the way he sees it, it would be best for everyone to dial usage way back and stick to periodic check ins on a computer.

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Here we get to walk a bit through some of the revelations that came to light by Julian Assange regarding the entities Facebook works with behind the scenes. One piece they discuss is that Assange has ousted Facebook for doing the work for the CIA in their place. A point made by Assange that these narrators discuss is that the world would be much better currently without any media. Where its the job for the media to explain the truth to the public they often end up doing the governments job for them, and its all encompassing. Between manipulative stories in the news, and manipulation of CIA they may be right, when you start to think about a world without corporate media or Facebook it seems there may actually be more gains than losses in that scenario.

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In this video we hear about how congress has approved more funding for Facebook as it has replaced almost every intelligence gathering program they had. We hear the deputy director talking about how to him Facebook is a dream come true, the way people willingly forego their data without question. The video alleges Mark Zuckerberg is actually an honorary CIA agent who manages the database for the agency. Recently he received the Medal of Intelligence award for his work, and is alleged to be code named “The Overlord”. In this video they talk about how Farmville was a CIA operation to pacify people while unemployment rates plummeted. The suggested friends feature is a huge piece of how the CIA is able to get deeper into the networks of the people they watch. The way our society functions we are encouraged to share everything. With our calendars, social media, google, phone, they are able know where you go, what you do, etc. They talk about how Americans are manipulated to spend all their time linked into all these different platforms so their jobs are easier, and they can save money. The flip side discussed here too is the phenomenal amount of data that is obtained by CIA and is not threatening. They make the point here, if everyone left these networks it would completely deter their intel gathering. At the bottom I will post several alternatives.

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Here we start learning about documents released by Edward Snowden regarding revelations in the UK. The NSA alleges to not be doing it, but that’s likely not the case. What is being done, is they tap into the fiber optics line where they can harvest massive amounts of unencrypted data. They can access literally everything through this method and funnel it through algorithms to analyze it. The purpose they talk about in these programs is to stop “uprisings” before they happen. They can get a feel on if people are restless, and if something like The Yellow Vest Movement takes off they will know about it long before anyone takes to the streets. This opens the door for groups like Online Persona Management Services to start manipulating the groups organizing these uprisings. They briefly discuss what it may actually take for people to collectively agree we have had enough and do something about it.

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This is a clip from a segment I used in my media corruption article, about Centcom and the Online Persona Management Services. Our government and military uses these programs so operators can create up to 10 “sock puppet” fake accounts and use them for multiple reasons. They will not only spread propaganda, but infiltrate groups to divide and conquer, and manipulate poll data. These operatives are trained to be undetectable, and could even duplicate a profile to appear as if they were someone you knew. The extent of these operations is likely still highly unknown to us all, but the reality is still true…these guys are everywhere on Facebook!

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In this video we get to see an interview with an ex-Facebook employee discussing data breaches that went unaddressed for quite a while. At the time of the IPO many had huge concerns about the privacy of Facebook, and this man talks about how 9 months into his first tech job he was tasked with the entirety of the job. When he spoke up that he didn’t feel qualified for the job, and was met with no assistance from supervisors. He saw the data of users being given out to countless developers freely, and all the higher ups cared about was blame…not solving the real issue. He said through repeated attempts to bring up privacy vulnerability to the top executives he essentially never received a response as the only thing they seem to care about is privacy.


This video starts of talking about how many of the different conflicts in existence from the common class struggle to the Arab spring, they are all being rehashed as social media dominates our lives. They talk about how when governments manipulate social media, due to our dependence on it they truly have the ability to sway public opinion and both start/end uprisings. It shouldn’t seem like a new concept to anyone these days that our social media is a huge piece of not only the division in our society as well as the misinformation campaign. Below is the link to my piece on Media corruption where i cover all the specific laws that led to this even being allowed in America.


With this last video we start off with the claim (likely true) that all the data on our phones is sweeping all our data off of our phones and sending it to the NSA. It is essentially a spy app that is set up so each of us give permission for it to do this. The claim is made that Mark Zuckerburg stole Facebook, and is nothing more than an operative for the deep state serving a purpose. One thing pointed out that if people remove the Facebook app, their battery will last longer and the phone will run faster. The sad part brought up in here is that even after people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have laid ample proof out to these ends, most people are either unaware or unphased. The initial point of Google was to create a search platform that would harvest data to both arrest people, and sell us things. They began creating all the new apps to be able to harvest infinitely more information about everyone. We walk through many systems where the things we shop for can be used to arrest us for things we haven’t done yet, or perhaps never meant to do. The way it is posed that all the tech companies are no more than fronts for deep state cyber operations. Amazon once rolled out a camera for the bedroom that watches you dress and recommend wardrobe choices, between that and Alexa they have eyes and ears in your house…and then some. These “overlords” see everything, hear everything, and are using tech to not only spy but control us. It’s a well documented occurrence that phones will begin to advertise items to you that you talked about near Alexa, etc. Essentially, each app or service we “plug in” to is willingly give the NSA our location, thoughts, shopping history, political views, and so much more. We have a system that now not only can identify those speaking out against the system, but can also suppress those voices. The now colonized cyber world of apps, devices, and networks is a well oiled machine to keep things going the way the NWO deep state want, and to systematically eliminate each threat to its existence over time. A change that requires all of us to make becomes exponentially more difficult when most people are still unaware, or baited through divide and conquer tactics.
The solutions suggested here is to put tape over cameras that can connect to the internet, or app…even TV! Members of congress get blackmailed this way all the time as they can even watch you through your webcam. Deleting the apps off of your phone is another strong recommendation, and likewise unplug your Alexa device. Also noted that even your phone or Laptop can access your microphone at any time. All apps should not have any permissions because that is the consent to access your microphone and camera. Likewise, a suggestion is to look into alternative social networks and messaging platforms. Open Source is a term often used to mean its both free, but anyone can view the source code. The purpose of the app can’t be obfuscated if anyone can analyze how its designed before using. With applications like Facebook, the truth of what they do is hidden behind cryptic terms and conditions. The reality is that we have all been bugged by the alphabet agencies, and with our consent. We have to all say enough, and withdraw from any tech platform that is being used to obfuscate, spy, manipulate, or divide people.






So my two cents on this is that the calls to act on social media should be taken seriously. There are a lot of people who have found safer platforms to use and set groups up there, If you haven’t been invited to a platform like bands, minds, mewe, discord, or signal, I would suggest connecting with people you know who have. The alternatives actually have proven to be much more enjoyable, and I know that I can feel a huge difference even just using Facebook less. We’ve all likely encountered trolls on Facebook, and the growing likelihood I’m coming to find is that the trolls themselves are a government agency, and most developed companies must have programs like it. Trying to convince a troll to return to reason will never happen because most of them are working when were wasting time with them. The easiest thing to do if we don’t all leave Facebook is commit to not engage any trolls. We can just all assume anyone trolling is doing it on purpose, and spend our time creating and furthering efforts for change.
There is a call for a march on the Facebook headquarters in the near future as all Yellow Vest Groups have experienced tampering, bans, shadow bans etc. The recent actions of Facebook have proven that it is willing to openly impede civil uprising in many ways with growing disregard for the public opinion. We must make a statement that this will not stand, and a non-political call will be posted here soon for California Yellow Vests to help the citizens of each respective nation stand up and say “we’ve had enough”. I personally think this act of civil disobedience is only half of what is required. We must all also FBEXIT, or opt out entirely from compromised networks like Google, Facebook, etc. and remove permissions. The more of us do this, the more security and integrity we can reclaim right now, and deal with less or even no trolls! The march is equally important, it is ever so paramount that we all work together to boost morale and welcome fellow citizens to fight alongside each other. Here in America, it could be said that we are in the belly of the beast and well thought out locations like Facebook, Google, Central Banks, etc. not only show fellow Americans it’s time to do this, but also the 1% that we know what they’re up to and nobody is going anywhere.
Even if you read this and do not feel inclined to do either of those things, I would implore people to do what I’m about to do and research ways to counter our tech spying on us at home. Even if it is just ensuring you are a bit safer at home, I hope looking through some of this will facilitate some readers asking the questions I am about the different programs I use in my daily life. I will be updating this with more information as I receive it until the March actually occurs.

– Adam Rice


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