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In this next segment I’m going to do my best at picking apart the healthcare sector as a whole. Between big pharma and our medicines being potentially bad for us, and cures to major diseases are suppressed. I aim to isolate one issue at a time in typical video-summary format with additional links.


In the 1930s a prominent researcher in the medical field developed a microscope that could produce images far superior still to those of today. He chose to study viruses, and was able to find frequencies unique to each strain that was able to effectively neutralize it. This method was able to cure illnesses without any medication at all and passed tests on lab animals. In 1934 he began testing on 16 terminal cancer patients whom were clinically cured within 90 days. This method is called the Rife Method, the doctor cays his work was discredited and suppressed in the 1950’s. In the second video listed above, a bit more information can be learned about Dr. Rife.

Rife machines to cure cancer


In the last 125 years many things have been discovered that led up to the discovery of what causes it…again in 1930 by Dr. Rife. The reason his method worked is because there are microbes inside cancer cells, that when destroyed with a certain frequency would revert the cell to it’s normal state. Because the pharmaceutical companies wanted to profit off of the research they went to the ends of the earth to ensure this medicine-free treatment with a 100% cure rate never took. Frequency waves cannot be patented and would not be able to be profited on. The video here explains cancer cells very thoroughly, and how damage to DNA is just a symptom of cancer, not a cause. In this video they state there are actually over 25 natural remedies for cancer proven to work.
Cancer cells have microbes inside their cell structure that change shape depending on the pH of the cells interior. The defining characteristic of cancer cells is low ATP energy and was discovered the same time Dr. Rife found harmonic frequencies would cause these microbes to explode. The AMA and FDA not only discredited his work and suppressed the cure, but several videos state they destroyed his lab. It sounds like these microbes are what cause the cancer by affecting the cell structure which changes the frequency of the matter on a molecular level. In the next segment we’ll look a bit more closely at how the pharmaceutical companies directly suppress these cures for profit.


Okay so we know now that obviously these companies have no interest in furthering medicine they cannot profit off of, but how do they get doctors to go along with it? In this John Oliver segment he explains in depth how the pharmaceutical companies market to doctors. 70% of Americans take prescription drugs, with 4 billion prescriptions written in 2011, and over $329 Billion spent on said pills. We see how even the pills are perpetually marketed to us on countless media platforms. Even though they market pills on TV, you often can’t buy without a prescription. These ads tell people to go ask their doctors whom the drug companies bend Billions marketing to separately.
We get to see clips of the marketing campaigns for Adv-air where reps cheer for how much money they are going to make. Often these reps are young, attractive people who may at times not even truly understand the medications they are selling. One clip shows a video where even the Pearson training the reps didn’t have a degree in the field, and the trainee actually had to correct them. It then discusses the ways reps buy lunch and give free samples to keep doctors on the hook, and how some doctors field so many reps that everyone gets free lunch each day of the week. Every time a prescription is sold at pharmacy the data goes to the pharmaceutical companies, and they will even hassle doctors who prescribe their competitors medications over theirs.
Then they talk about how the pharmaceutical companies began encouraging reps to advertise medications for off-label use, most have paid Billions in damages. When doctors refuse to talk to the reps, they offer perks to other doctors to convince to begin prescribing their product. These companies called them “Thought Leader’s” and only recently have these practices begun to come to light. Other companies have been caught giving blatant kickbacks, or trading meals at Hooters for agreeing to prescribe. The amount of money doctors actually receive at times who prescribe the most pills raises large concern as to whether they recommend it because it is actually the proper treatment. A website does exist where you can search to see what kickbacks doctors receive.

What big pharma pays your doctor


In this second John Oliver segment we look also at how these same companies help create the Opioid crisis. We see a story about how one dog nearly died at a kennel where it ate a bag of heroin off the ground, and how the statistics on heroin abuse has skyrocketed in recent years. 75% of heroin users began using pharmaceuticals and all had to switch to heroin due to dependency. People get so dependent on the pills that they will break their own bones for opiates, even knowing people its killed. Nearly 250 million prescriptions are written for these pills each year. In the 1990’s doctors didn’t want to prescribe these pills because it was widely known how addictive they were. The problem that happened was that terminal patients were also denied the medicines and that ultimately led to pain management advocates campaigning for its use. Over the years more doors were open until it was common practice to prescribe opiates for smaller issues.
Purdue was the company that branded Oxycontin, a drug they marketed with its own brand of plush toy. They launched a video campaign where people went on camera to tell people all the ways Oxycontin improved their lives. Many videos were created over the years to coax people into taking the pill, stating less than 1% would become addicted. Then when the doctors noticed this wasn’t true they coined the term “pseudo-addiction” which was supposedly not actually addiction, just looked like it. As media began to draw attention to the epidemic, Purdue finally accepted some culpability for misleading marketing in 2007 along with other companies that makes Fentanyl. This company is in trouble because Fentanyl wasn’t supposed to be prescribed unless for cancer, and they decided “uh huh” didn’t mean yes and lied to push prescriptions.
Another issue listed is how many areas don’t have alternative treatments, that coupled with insurance not funding these things people are left with the pills as an only choice. Not only does attention need to be focused on preventing this from continuing, more resources now need to be diverted to helping addicts. Some firefighters get days where there are more overdoses than fires. Long term lasting solutions must be enacted that can assist these people in returning to normalcy.

Who is to blame for the opioid crisis?


The introduction to this full length documentary features some real life accounts of cancer patients. We see people who ultimately run out of money because of the extreme costs imposed by the pharmaceutical companies. An investigation into prescription drugs has shown extreme price hikes in medications over the course of the past years. At the end of the day these companies report only to the shareholders, and are free to do just about anything they want. The rising drug prices essentially hold our lives themselves hostage with no end in sight. Some of the price hikes have been in the range of 200-500%, and can cost up to $1,000,000 a year in some cases. The same drug prices have begun to threaten peoples livelihood itself and people are faced with unbearable choices. The reality is that there is absolutely nothing to stop these companies from continually raising prices for the same drugs.
Prices for things like Insulin, EpiPen, and many other life saving medications are rapidly approaching unaffordability for those who need it. For children with serious illnesses, to have proper emergency equipment at both home and school can be debilitating. The CEO’s of companies like EpiPen go up by Million’s of dollars annual salary as at the same time the prices go up and they force schools to buy their product. The emotional burden children feel seeing how much their parents struggle to simply buy the medication is immense.
There are many myths as to why these drugs cost as much as they do, touching on research and operating costs. The truth is that these companies do not typically do the research, they acquire products from small start up’s. The company buys up all the small products, and is able to paint themselves as the ones curing all the diseases and justify their prices. A huge controversy stemmed from a company acquisition that happened when a cure came out for Hepatitis C. Gilead pharmaceutical bought the company who had developed a cure for Hepatitis C that was incredibly simple, but the problem was they wanted $1,000 per pill for it. In this case, Gilead had not actually done any of the research or leg work but instead paid $11 Billion dollars for the product during stage 3 of trial and recouped within a year. This pill, bottle included actually costs less that $1 a day but costs $1,000. While patients waited on lists due to the costs, this company was doubling its earnings; some people died waiting.
Every time you see a number in the Wall Street Journal, thats only an estimate what the CEOS will make. Many of these companies will also buy back their stock in order to drive the company’s value through the roof. The top 5 CEOS of the company making the cure earn enough money in one year to eradicate the disease in 7 countries. During the polio epidemic we saw another time in history the pharmaceutical companies couldn’t exploit health crises for profit. At the time a vaccine was created that could eradicate the Polio virus from existence, the founder considered it patented by the people. He could have made Billion’s on it, but chose to help people instead. The NIH is the entity that funds the preliminary research on new drugs companies want to form. The last step on the road to consumption is the FDA who approves the medications prior to their being advertised ceaselessly.
The marketing alone is argued to be a healthcare disaster as it continually presents to people the idea they should be taking pills they don’t need without sufficient explanation. In the UK pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to advertise anything that requires a prescription on TV. It was in the 1980’s that TV ads for medications began to advertise on television. In the 1990’s the companies simply made no mention the drugs required prescription, and they coined the “ask your doctor” loophole. In 1997 Bill Clinton completely deregulated direct-to-consumer advertising for pharmaceutical drugs despite this being coined as dangerous a decade earlier. We again are walked through all the different ways the companies do everything they can to get articles ghost written in medical journals as well as ensure their drugs are sold.
Almost every major company has faced massive penalties for illegal practices in the way they market their drugs. Many executives in these companies were found guilty of outright fraud for the better part of a decade. The practices of ‘off-label marketing’ essentially allowed these companies to both use people as guinea pigs, and bill them for it. The fines issued to date for instances of healthcare fraud are in the Billions with hundreds of convictions recently. Most people don’t realize the cost of their medications because they have insurance. Often what happens at a point in life people will be faced with a need for a specific treatment with an impossible cost. People have actually been forced into bankruptcy over their cancer treatments, others have or came close to their home. The only thing worse than finding out that there is no cure for your illness is learning there is one, but you cant afford. The companies set up all sorts of loop holes to qualify for assistance, and often this entails involuntary divorce which will force the surviving family members to now pay taxes on your estate if you pass away.
Likewise with the patents on their pills, when they are about to expire these companies are able to slightly alter the same drug and sell as a different drug. These companies like many other ones have slipped out of the control of our Government and function as monopolies, whose commodity is our life and in all reality attempt to turn us into the most money we can. When we look at the companies who make Insulin we notice a pattern that illustrates collusion and why there are lawsuits currently in existence. Any time the price of insulin rises, it does so in the same amount by all companies at the same time. When insulin was discovered it was originally intended to be sold at very low prices so it would be accessible. Eventually the same companies bought the patents so they could alter the formula slightly and charge more money. These companies pay other companies to not produce generic versions, and ensure their own patents will exist for a century.
The sad reality of all of this isn’t just the damage caused by these companies bleeding us dry, its that cures have existed for things like cancer since 1930! I don’t doubt for a second there exists suppressed cures for many of the diseases they are profiting off of. The companies providing our medication and healthcare need to operate with a moral compass, and the doctors need to honor the oath they took before they began practice.


We see here in this video talking about mental illness, the first point being how many less people are actually in facilities for serious illnesses. When the institutions closed, patients were supposed to receive the same degree of care but it was never properly funded. Currently the large majority of citizens with mental illness are actually in jail now. The next issue too is a decrease in doctors who can treat these doctors, and the fact that insurance companies actually make pointed attempts to get out of covering mental health care. As a brief walk through a massive issue we can infer many of the same problems seen resulting from pharma’s profit driven agenda also wreak havoc on the mental health system.

Risky drugs and the mental health system

Deconstructing the mental health crisis

This video attempts to walk through facts around mental disorders, as well as misconceptions that are capitalized on by pharmaceutical companies. The idea of psychiatry is to introduce physical interventions to alter behavior, in recent years we have traded electro shock for chemical interventions. Psychiatrists use the Diagnostic Manual made up of over 300 disorders that are groups of behavioral abnormalities that various chemical compositions can offset through regular medication. The question is next posed whether or not ADHD is real, and the narrator reads the traits out of this same manual. Many of the characteristics are that of most normal people, presenting with 6 behaviors without any significant tests could result in a diagnoses and medication.
This video does a great job of putting my lived experience into context, at a young age I was diagnosed as having ADHD for normal childhood behavior. Over the years, side effects snowballed into worse problems that required more pills, hospitalizations, etc. In only very recent years was I able to establish many of these same facts, and it was concluded that I likely never had any mental illnesses. Each time I received a diagnosis and more pills it was the result of a simple question and answer forum with no physical examination of my brain. Doses were only changed if side effects occurred, and much of my experience with psychiatrists left me feeling like a lab rat. The hospitalizations nearly bankrupt my family, and I ultimately spent years addicted to drugs as a result of coping the damage I had endured as a result. By the time I had picked myself back up, I had been on Lithium so long my kidneys were damaged and I had thyroid problems (which disappeared when I stopped the medicine). I rapidly discovered that the system we have meant to treat mental illnesses doesn’t do that at all.
What actually happens is for many people like me at a young age who were a bit disruptive in class, teachers recommend their parents to take their child to a professional. This professional finds one or more disorder that sums up these behaviors and prescribes a pill for it. The problem here is that it traps people in an endless cycle of side effects due to never needing these pills. The other issue is that the people who actually do need care are not receiving it due to that the few professionals are overwhelmed with people who may not need to be there. As peoples condition worsens they become less able to care for themselves until they fall out of the system all together. Similar to what they do with internal medicine, they do here by deeming behaviors disorders and calling for a lifetime of unnecessary medicine.


In this video we see a panel of experts talk first about the over-prescription of drugs, and then compare how they do the same thing with vaccines. They talk about how top experts released ample documents about how the CDC had been committing fraud and not a single paper covered it. The injury rates have been increasing in recent years. These experts are not crazy, they simply state that there are blatant wrongs being done by these same companies who handle vaccines that lead to harm and the fact it is not being dealt with is leading to a growing problem. The first speaker talks about how Viagra goes through 10 years of testing, where vaccines for babies may only see that many babies. A fact too is that these same vaccines contain almost 10 times the safe amount of Aluminum that is safe to be injected by children. Without added testing, and implementation of practices to both ensure transparency and thoroughness we will continue to see a phenomena of some people being fine, and others having their lives changed forever. Vaccines absolutely have place in healthcare and science, but without fail-safes to prevent a bad lot from hitting the market it would seem that would greatly increase the risk, as would not extensively researching ingredients in the shots. As with any medicine, it would seem only logical to thoroughly ensure you know its safe before administering versus cleaning up a mess after someone is hurt.

20 Vaccine facts

CDC Worker exposes cover up and most don’;t notice

This video starts off with the first recorded example of a vaccine being administered. This talks about the groups that focus on the presence of chemicals in vaccines, to a degree some of what they work to expose has been proven to an extent. Other groups currently exist seeking to examine the phenomena that is reported more frequently of children becoming Autistic within hours of a vaccination. Though no data exists to suggest that vaccinations themselves cause Autism, more cases have come to light where contaminated doses were administered that were believed to trigger serious health maladies. In 2009 a plague outbreak occurred in the Ukraine at a facility for a major drug company that worked on vaccines but it was barely covered as well. This video makes a great point of how poor regulations on the companies producing vaccines actually contribute to an unhealthy dialogue which basically halts an ultimate resolution. As lax procedures result in mishaps more frequently it empowers people whose stance on this could be considered quite extreme. The more people are exposed to different theories and perspectives, the drug companies via the media are able to distract us with the narrative about conspiracies and we never actually talk about ingredients, testing regulations, etc. A conversation absolutely needs to be had to scientifically evaluate data linked to harm experienced following vaccine shots. I’ve had one, I know that it is completely possible to be vaccinated without a problem but that doesn’t discount other experiences. The media is a tool to control how people think and act, and likewise with most things there absolutely are things that could be done better with vaccinations and were not hearing about it because it would cost too much.


This last video brings it all home and describes more directly how these same companies supress alternatives like the cure to cancer in the first segment. If there is an alternative that costs more and is better for the patient they simply supress it. The pharmaceutical companies arent looking out for our health, theyre only looking to line their pockets.
– Adam Rice

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