My stance on the Yellow Vest Movement really stems from a place of long term discontent. For years I’ve been aware that our entire system is corrupt to the core, perhaps even my entire life. Different periods of my life I was exposed to different areas, and not only searched for the truth but aimed to figure out how it got this way. Part of the reason I made this site was to cover current events, but the bigger purpose was to put it all together and I think the Yellow Vest Movement is the Aarowhead of the solution. Between our economy, religion, media, corporations, government, military a select few have many ways keeping people suppressed enough so we can be exploited for endless profit.
The reason I think this is so promising is the call for a form of both State and National Referendums, Recalls, and Initiatives. These things would immediately give the people equal power to any branch of government, essentially creating a fourth, where we would have the power to bypass the system as a whole to enact our own legislature. The movement as a whole focusing on calling for a very narrow scope of demands, that would ultimately allow us to fix many things seemed logical to me. Where iniatives are called to create laws, referendums are how we can remove them. With these legal citizens looking to do either would collect a set number of signatures to call a vote on their proposal, between this and the options for ways this type of vote could be done all I heard was “power to the people” and “no more masters”. Calling for widespanning election reforms like money out of politics, no more lobbying, etc it seemed like all people were finally done with politicians and saw this as a way to repair our broken system, I agreed. There are endless areas this would need to be used in a years long process, but to date this was the closest I’d seen society get to the uprising I had always known we needed.
With the banks, since getting involved I learned a lot about the economy both how it works, and how it could work. Wether we use MMT or Intrinsic Currency, the fact still remains, were headed towards a crash sooner or later. Learning about how corrupt central banks are in my eyes would justify abolishing them regardless of economic policy. The Department of Treasury could oversee the Economy as a body elected by the people, using a policy that the people likewise chose themselves with these referendums.
With Religion it ties in here more along what people should be demanding be declassified. It would be my desire to see all things hidden from man by the Roman Catholic Church exposed and made available to the public. I think it would be of merit to be able to factually establish for everyone how much the texts men kill and die for were just stolen from alegories for the planets. Holistic and natural medicine has been subverted for decades if not longer, through newly-public documents demanded of big pharma it would likely prove too that many of these holistic remedies in fact are both better, and cheaper. Another piece of this would be demanding declassification of all information on extraterrestrials and UFOS both ancient and recent. I believe that true spirituality comes from within, there is where one can find source, or God. I’ve studied all Religions to some extent, I believe they are all roads that lead to the same place, and they were craftily written to supress our spiritual evolution and keep people divided. We are of the same source.
With Housing, many referendums would be required to fix all the issues on different levels. The first thing it should be used on is a new program in all large metropolitian areas. Taking the housing first model into consideration, the facilities that care for the homeless and veterans should be upgraded to provide small units to the shelter residents with subsidies on the upper floors. They would get a “harm reduction” lease with guaranteed no-evictions, and be eligible to leave with a State Verified work and landlord residence. This program could tie into the federal job guarantee idea, providing all of these people work. With centralized resources they could have ample help transitioning into society again with no barriers.
For Housing, or better yet affordable housing it will require using these referendum processes to adjust zoning laws. Many cities have laws prohibiting building over a set number of stories, yet adjusting the maximum height to between 6-10 stories would allow for the maximum unit creation in the least space with minimal development cost. Likewise the Affordable housing laws must be ammended with referendums, first to further specify that ANY developer must provide AMPLE affordable units, and bar the building luxury condos with promise for the other later. Likewise the practices used by landlords in my opinion are quite discriminatory and there are many factors to this, I think the people need to use the referendums here too so we can write the laws on how landlords have to operate within reason. More units should ease the market realistically.
Thirdly in housing the people should be using these referendums to enact some sort of financial penalty to create a program that would build a sufficient number of reasonably priced new homes outside each major city. These homes should be able to be financed without interest by all citizens BELOW a set income. The people funding this should be the same developers responsible for gentrification and american homelessness, and the companies who created the hood through sub-prime loans over last 100 years.
To obtain rent control legislature at no detriment to small and medium landlords, I would tie another program into the green new deal idea, aquiring workers from the other listed program i propose. This would also require incorporation of either tenant unions or land trusts. The federal government could create a program that all property owners would be elligible for that would span a 10 year period. All buildings would be brought up to the latest building and fire code, as well as green converted…the trade 10 year agreement to a fixed rental cap per dwelling size also agreed upon by the tenants union. At this point when the landlords drastically reduce the rent, without upgrade costs, would be free of utility payments, and not have to worry about tremendously expensive upgrades to property. A program like this would also guarantee the safety of each citizen in metropolitan dwellings, while creating many new jobs.
With big pharma, first the people should be demanding made public all information about whats in our food, waters, pills we take, vaccines, etc. Each thing that turns out to be as bad as I’m sure it is should be replaced with something healthier. If that means a different form of water decontamination or virus prevention then so be it. Likewise with our food if it comes out that were eating stuff that these companies know is bad for us, citizens committes should immediately form and referendums should authorize federal spending to research alternatives for us to vote on with transparency. In regards to the opioid crisis, I think referendums should also enact legislature that put the cost of this on the backs of the companies who knew what selling this stuff would do. The same goes for the other families profiting off the war used to acquire opium from other countries.
Likewise, our mental health system needs a drastic overhaul. These same referendums should be used to form a committee like with the food, vote between options, and the people decide on budget option backed by the peoples economic dept. I personally see a lot of the mental health at least partially due to war (those globalists should fund overhaul), and the propagation of pharmaceutical drugs knowing side effects like ritalin (these pharma globalists should pay too). Wether it be the funding of alternative treatments, better facilities, or the research itself the cost of these reforms should fall on the backs of the people who knowingly created the mess.
The ways these referendums and initiatives could be used are infinite, theres a lot wrong with most areas of society today. The way I look at it is we need love and unity to make this happen. We need everyone together to have the force required to demand these changes. As long as we still find ourselves divided along lines these so calles ‘masters’ put there, we will always be just out of reach from that which we all seek. We all share a common enemy, it hurts all of us equally. When it comes down to start actually fixing these things, and we see different ways to an end the key is having a more logical voting system so the results we get represent a collaboration of our views and not a polarization. I hope to see bridges form between all of the factions of activists as much as the different colors of the political spectrum. As we perfect the art of communication and collaboration we can view our differences as a source of strength. When we show patience for one another and evaluate things from all sides equally, we can make much better choices. If each faction like Anonymous, Black Lives Matter, MAGA, March For Our Lives, DSA, and many more all started to look at the idea of advocating for these referendums as a baseline way to [remove corruption, clean up politics, fight 1%] when we have them we can form committes above.
What I envision after all is said and done, the Teachers unions forming together to reform the laws regarding the education system. I forsee medical professionals and advocates of hollistic medicine uniting to reform the legislature regarding our healthcare. I forsee committees for renewable energy, economy, native land, housing, homelessness, and more. With each issue in society we have countless groups ready and willing to protest for their cause. Binding referendums and initiatives can be the answer to all of theses groups and committees and that is why we must all stand together as one to fight for them. It will absolutely be a challenge, for generations in many ways we have been deliberately made to respond this way to eachother. For the sake of the future, I hope can all step outside the box for this movement and come together. I fear what the future holds if the course is not soon corrected.
– Adam Rice

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