Yellow vest tv – anon_susi

Yellow Vest TV is a collaborative effort guided by a broad range of political and social activists whose primary aim is to share news and information about revolutionary actions across the globe, that may otherwise be ignored or skewed by mainstream media. The media as we know it has long been suspect of discriminatory practice, both in what news it chooses to share, and the manner by which it is portrayed. YVTV hopes to fill the void created by mainstream media and afford the public a more accurate portrait of the turbulent times in which we find ourselves. We at YVTV hope to bring a bipartisan voice to the face of social and political activism, with the goal of examining as many sides to each story as we are able to garner. Through video live streams, posts and panel discussions, the issues we broach are by nature volatile – our intention is not to add fuel to the fire, but merely to show the locations and particular features of the flames. YVTV promotes the open and free sharing of all information. We believe that knowledge is power, and that a well informed populace is far better able to determine its options and destination than one that is denied access to the cumulative puzzle pieces. The machinations of the wealthy and powerful would have us quietly accept heaping spoonfuls of non-event “news,” misinformation and on occasion, outright lies. But such a diet leaves us hungry, malnourished and champing at the bit for the solid substance of truth. Our remedy is to feed the curious mind, and to prompt you, the public at large, to research as thoroughly as possible the issues that face us both globally and locally. We hope you will carefully consider the variety of opinions and outlooks pertinent to each event and situation, so that your own stance can be bolstered by more complete and inclusive data sources. We welcome all to browse our page, posts and news sources. Please feel free to share your own live streams of protests and actions in your area, whether by video or cell phone. Intelligent and respectful discourse on the broad spectrum of issues before us is encouraged, and we hope that by result, each participant comes away from that discussion with a better understanding of both the situation at hand, and of one another. We indeed live in interesting times; the choices we make in the political and social arena will impact future generations, and because of this we are unrelenting in our demand for the undecorated, unvarnished truth. We thank you in advance for your participation, and look forward to sharing with you.