A New Jersey Arson Case, And How CPS Dropped The Ball

As we enter the week of operation expose CPS, this article serves to both update readers on a case that transpired over the course of the past 5 years but also illustrate many failings of this agency. On December 10, 2015 Lynnette McGuire and Denise Coyle were charged in a case of aggravated arson, attempted kidnapping, and burglary.  Lynnette was the individual later convicted as the one who actually set the fire and kidnapped the child, and Denise was charged as a co-conspirator and later let off. As of March, 2019 both women were found guilty of their respective crimes. The women were both cousins who resided in Bensalem, PA at the time. Lynette’s daughters had been taken from her by CPS and placed with their grandparents in their South Jersey home. When Lynnette arrived at the house she demanded her children be returned to her but was denied entry to the home. When the children’s grandfather Bryan called the police, the cousins set fire to the house. The residents all hid safely in the basement, but Lynnette was able to get her 3 year old into a car amidst the commotion. Police stopped her and returned the daughter to her grandparents.

Since this occurred, the grandparents were left to replace their home with no assistance, and utilized gofundme campaigns to rectify the matter. New Jersey CPS has a Foster Parent Liability Program that protects resource parent in case of incidents like these. The language provided by the CPS states it provides: “Coverage under the Program for damage to the dwelling of the resource family parent is secondary to any policy of insurance responsible to provide such coverage. Resource family parents must submit a claim against any other existing insurance for this damage/loss before seeking coverage under the Program.” What is so shocking in this case is that the parents were never informed this program existed, before of after the fire. Nobody ever told them that they could submit a claim for reimbursement, and they were hung out to dry.

Eventually things got worse for the grandparents. When they finally were able to resolve their housing crisis CPS took the kids from them as well. They were told that they had an unlicensed home and they placed the children in another foster home knowing full well what had transpired to date. The grandparents are still currently fighting to get their grand-kids back to this day. In my brief time dealing with writing on matters like these it would appear at some point a Monell claim may need to be made. An argument could easily be made that the CPS has been denying the rights of the children and their grandparents. It would then be the proper action of the courts to not only return the children to their family, but also award the monies owed for the house that burned under the state program that was kept hidden from them. It would be the opinion of this writer that by this point damages would be due to the family as it’s an incredibly damaging ordeal for any child to go through, let alone twice in addition to a catastrophic fire. I could never speak to the motivations or intent of CPS as a whole, but what I can say with full confidence is this is one example of a huge pattern that exists across our entire country. As more is exposed I expect to see RICO charges brought against this agency for organized corruption. From this one case that would not be possible, but when more dots are connected that would be the road to ceasing corruption that destroys good families like this. As things progress, I will update this accordingly and after we have interviewed the grandparents a link to the footage will be found at the bottom.
– Adam Rice