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Despite the existence of anti-trust laws in America, only 6 companies control all of our media; a drastic reduction from around 50 in the 19809’s. Between the entities listed below are owned about 90% of smaller entities that make our movies, tv, news, internet, etc. Because of consolidation entities like these stifle independent third parties, and along with it, progress. As described in one of the videos above, the design of cable boxes hasn’t changed in years yet is one of the most power consuming items in the home. Between these videos above, they all list 6 companies, yet there are a few different names in each list. It would appear the number may be closer to 10, yet the point still stands, all the media in our country is owned by a select few people.
1. Comcast
2. Time Warner
3. Viacom/ CBS (National Amusements)
4. Disney
5. Fox
6. Sony
In the last video, the anchor hits on the fact that the large majority of Americans do not trust mainstream media. He shows the viral video of the local reporters from around the country reciting the same lines. He explains how Sinclair media covers 70% of households, and the networks of all those reporters. We are walked through the legislation of Bill Clinton in the 90’s and how it has been allowed to happen through lobbying ever since.

Business Insider on these 6 companies


In this episode of Lee Camp’s Redacted we get introduced to Operation Mockingbird where the CIA recruited journalists for several reasons. Not only did the program not end, we see how ex-CIA members also work for some of our news outlets. The list continues to show how even international arms dealers also hold employment in large media outlets. As Lee implies for good reason, since war is so profitable that could explain why many of these people bought into these corporations. As we find by the end of the episode all news outlets are heavily linked to military interests, Fox News being tied to what was once known as Blackwater. He pitches these military contractors as “war salesmen” who use the news outlets as fear machines so it will be that much easier to justify prolonged military engagement.

The CIA and the media, 50 facts everyone should know

Regarding Declassified CIA documents


We see here many examples of how government corruption is tied to the media, like Elise Labott tweeting at the direction of the State Department. The next clip is off of an RT segment that was censored talking about how in many countries the news is now no more than another government program. As she describes one will often need to dig, but the ties are typically there. Flash forward to some historic video footage pertaining to declassified intel from the CIA. We learn again about project mockingbird, and how the CIA uses the news to manipulate people. Chris Hedges talks about how even working at the New York Times one could have their career destroyed for printing the wrong content. Anne Lion is another journalist who was brought up here for how she exposed CNN for their dealings with tyrannical governments when they blocked an expose she did on Bahrain. As she explained, the government at the time was paying CNN to play favorable videos of their country. Anderson Cooper too interned at the CIA, as they explain he is a member of the Vanderbilt family and has not contested this as it is public record. They allege this is where his training actually came from. We get to see for ourselves the way the media manipulated the candidacy of Ron Paul, and how bilderberg members ended up involved in our media. Our elections don’t need to be rigged nearly as often this video alleges because the media alone poisons the outcome. As this video beckons, we must become the media, and be that change we all wish to see.


“Have you ever encountered people online that are unabashedly pro-us?” This segment begins with a great question as they pose the idea of online personas who are paid to do this. These “infiltrators” or “opposition” will troll for hours taking endless steps to debunk anything that is against the establishment. Last year it was exposed that Online Persona Management Services maintains online accounts to spread propaganda. Holding a Centcom contract it allows each service members 10 puppet accounts to manipulate the public with. According to The Guardian, the actions of this program are highly similar to that of China in that they aim to restrict freedom of speech on the internet. The military has become able to end conversations, manipulate poll data, and extinguish undesirable opinions on social media. The 2013 NDAA legalized propaganda on our citizens, permitting our government to carry out active disinformation campaigns on our country as a whole. The same way our military manipulates other countries, it has in our country since the 1950’s where project mockingbird was birthed.

NDAA 2013 US


In the last video the laws passed in 2013 permitting propaganda, here in this next video we learn more in depth what occurred. The amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act was proposed by Mack Thornberry, a Republican from Texan and Adam Smith, a Democrat from Washington. This BIPARTISAN bill nullified the Smith Mundt Act from 1948 which barred psychological operations from being used on American citizens. This amendment allowed the government to go much further then they had been previously, and essentially permits our government to manipulate citizens with the same ease seen in China or North Korea


In the next segment we are also walked through the evolution of undercover work. The internet is essentially owned and operated by the same corporations that own our news, so to not expect the same fingers in the cookie jar would be foolish. Once upon a time if law enforcement wanted to bust a target they would have to do an undercover sting, in today’s world there is social media to use against us. With traditional undercover work, it required face to face interaction and entrapment was against the rules. Thanks to the amendment to the NDAA in 2013, the government can create fake profiles online to do the opposite. They are permitted to lure you into any number of things, and even redefined laws. This gave two good examples the first being that one can be arrested for simply thinking they were talking to a spy, or a minor, and one only needed to think they were planning a robbery to be arrested for one. In many ways it is rendicent to minority report, they can lure you out and arrest you for things before you even do them. Cat-fishing and Sock-puppets are used as tools to create fake people who have believable personas so the government could not just watch people, but engage them. They are able to infiltrate anything and control what people think about politics, vaccines, GMO’s, etc. They have duplicated accounts of people to enact drug stings, and much more as this former prosecutor explains stating how truly unprecedented the things that are now occurring.


Operation Earnest Voice is a State funded operation that uses sock-puppets to spread pro-American propaganda on social media networks globally. Prior to the NDAA amendment in 2013, it was still entirely to spread foreign propaganda to Americans. The video here very clearly explains how the Online Persona Management Service operates.

HR 6393 AND HR 5181

HR 6393 is something else brought up in the next video as being associated with Earnest voice. It is the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2017. This essentially allowed the government to censor internet content from foreign sources at their liberty similar to HR 5181. The powers that be have long sought an all encompassing approach to block content from foreign sources by deeming it propaganda, just minus all the red tape. For years behind the scenes the Senate has chipped away at our first amendment rights while it branches out in its devious attempts to manipulate citizens.

HR 6393 Text

HR 5181 Text

HR 4909 Text


It would seem these NDAA changes are never good for the people, as in 2017 our government took their love for psyops even further. At the beginning of the next video we hear the term “fake news” a bit, and are shown how at one point not too long ago Google’s top result for holocaust, was a white supremacy denial site. Google modified its algorithm so the site would no longer appear first, but did not remove it. The narrator talks about the George Orwell character named Winston Smith, whose job it was to rewrite historical documents so that they fit the narrative. The role of this character is essentially that of the NDAA 2017, one of Obama’s last acts as president. Similar to his Affordable Care Act, one must look deep inside the legislature to see what was intended. Long before Fake News was even a topic, our government had already laid out a plan to respond to it. They could erase or rewrite content, and release counter-propaganda. This same law allowed Google to personalize searches so that results are prioritized based on opinion, and Facebook could “shadow ban” users based on the content they share.

NDAA 2017 text


In the next video we can begin to also contemplate the ways fake news could be also created deliberately. In a world where facts are constantly up for debate, we spend more time debating the legitimacy of things than having meaningful discussion. With propaganda now legal in the US as a result of disastrous and secretive NDAA legislature, how hard is it to imagine the propaganda being used is fake news itself? Ali Velshi explains that aside from fake news people need to learn to differentiate actual fake news from things like satire which is heavily opinionated content that is generally only loosely centered around facts. Native Advertising is also something many people are not aware of, but often articles that are labeled “sponsored content” at the top are not written by journalists, but funded by companies to steer public opinion in a manner that benefits them. As put here, the disinformation isn’t the only problem with fake news but also that it is essentially an attack on the truth. The longer it persists, the more people assume all sources are lying, and it delegitimizes journalism as a whole. When this ultimately happens, it creates a vacuum in which systems that used to hold power accountable are no longer able to do so. Another ploy used is creating fake articles or “time sucks” to get you to click so you are presented advertisements companies pay for. We are walked through the opinions of a journalist here why actual fake news is such a threat to many of us.


In this Tedx talk our lecturer aims to answer the question of who owns the news? The businesses that produce news nationwide require local stations to read scripted political statements. Distressed Asset Investing is a form of capitalism, and it has wrought havoc upon our paper print sector. We learn about a print paper in Colorado that was named The Daily Camera in which the parent paper censored an editorial article. The article was warning about a threat to the papers existence, noting that the parent company Alden Global Capital, had been draining money at such a rapid rate it could destroy the paper itself. As he put it, it was little different than paying the mob protection fees. The corporate parent companies will siphon out their cut, and it is up to the local outfit to stay afloat. The only way these papers could ultimately stay afloat is by making continual staff cuts. These hedge funds justify their actions based on decreased revenue, yet print news outlets exist that operate differently by investing a portion of profit into other sources of income. These parent companies earned the name vulture capitalists, because their intent is not longevity, it is parasitic. Their only concern is how much money can be easily drained in a short time. As he put it, in journalism there is an unspoken rule to separate the business side and the journalist side. It was at the point The Daily Camera blocked the article, the divider fell, and the business aspect of the paper would control the journalist side. Until now the journalistic nature of the print press had not been disrupted. The growth of Google and Amazon obliterated the advertising revenue, but it was not until fake news caught on, that truth itself appeared to be under attack. From this perspective, it would almost seem that the NDAA laws passed could be used to not only push fake news, but also silence or discredit those who speak the truth. With the OPMS creating endless trolls to counter the truth on social media, it would seem this is a well oiled machine. A select few people have monopolized the media sector, and are in bed with private defense contractors and our own government to spread many types of propaganda to manipulate people to going along with their decisions that made them drastically wealthier. The closer these elites get at the top to completely delegitimizing the truth to the point that it no longer has an outlet, the closer reality becomes to an Orwellian nightmare.


After this written segment two are three longer videos to accompany it. The term conspiracy theory was perceived neutrally until the 1960’s when the CIA polarized the term to discredit theories regarding the JFK assassination. Currently today it is hard to even find a definition that does not contain bias. In the Movie “The Battle For The Minds Of Men” we clearly see that there is often a period of time that ultimately elapses and many of these theories are proven true. My wife and I have observed it is usually about 10 years before truth starts coming to light. The CIA essentially runs disinformation campaigns to discredit those speaking truth to the point that others perceive them as crazy. We hear in the second video, an audio recording explaining the CIA’s involvement in the news media. People involved explain how they utilized journalists, controlled stories, spread propaganda and more.


In the next video we are taught about ideological subversion. Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, and Normalization are the 4 stages of Ideological Subversion. As this narrator describes the concept, “It is a methodology to completely undermine the societal structure of a nation with intent to destroy it from within. The highest form of warfare occurs when no weapons are fired.” This practice is not only legal, but anyone can do it as blatantly as they wish.
Ideological Subversion has in history been used to bring about communist insurrections. There was a former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to the US decades ago who gave many speeches about what this is. The ability to influence opinions had great potential as he had seen in his life and experience in practice. The video hits on JFK and his speech on Secret societies here which truly shows how far back a lot of this goes. In this speech too he talks about “the war for Americans minds.”
The same defector explains how in his experience, little time in the KGB was spent on espionage. The majority of their time was spent on Active Measures, and Ideological Subversion. Ideological Subversion is the legitimate process of changing everyone’s perception of reality despite facts to the contrary. This always happens out in the open with what some call “manufactured consent”. The process of demoralization is the first step, and is typically irreversible. Essentially, this tactic can be used on both the extremes on the left as well as the right. Highly polarized individuals backing rhetoric from either side, despite fact, resembles a person who has been successfully programmed according to this former agent. According to him, done by Americans to Americans, the demoralization process has been complete.
The theory of subversion is 2500 years old and derived from an ancient Chinese philosopher. Demoralization of a society takes 15-20 years because that is how long it takes to change the perspective of an entire generation. With ideological subversion you take existing ideas and fan the flames. Ideological subversion plays off of the way most democratic society’s already function. Where you will typically have people against the establishment, they will use different means to lead these people in a certain direction and then amplify so that the majority of society follows to its peril. Essentially, those employing these tactics can present ideas to a troubled society to drive the disharmony so far that it crumbles.
In each country there are always tendencies along moral lines that start at opposite ends, and gravitate inwards. The main goal of a person using ideological subversion is to capitalize on these tendencies in a society. The areas of its application are: Religion, Education, Social Life, Power Structure, Labor Relations, and Law & Order.
In the first area, religion, a long process is enacted over time to wear away at the moral skeleton of most practices. Slowly it is replaced more and more by cults and atheism and the end result is a degradation of the moral character of a society. The purpose of religion or spirituality was to keep people in touch with a higher entity, and through subversion people become out of touch with this. Essentially you need to destroy religion, and delegitimize the concept of god in the minds of the masses.
In education, one would slowly strip away bits and pieces of the education system to effectively also remove those pieces of knowledge from a society. To defund math, science, or history programs one could have astounding results, and as the defector explains what you add into the curriculum is what will create the subversion. Over time classes, or subject matter is incrementally introduced resulting in polarized shifts in generational ideologies.
With social areas you would slowly strip away power from the institutions empowering people in the socioeconomic area and replace them with entities of a bureaucratic nature. Think of a transition from an interconnected society to one dependent on social workers, or systems. Within these incremental additions the common thread is to ensure more and more of society depends on the government for income.
With the power structures of society, slowly will they be replaced by people who are not appointed or elected. One group listed is the media, an entity who nobody appointed that essentially owns a monopoly over our minds. Media has an agenda, hoping to drive peoples opinions, and paint pictures of the world that contradict reality. Entities like, but not limited to the media slowly erode the system of power until crisis ultimately occurs.
With law and order, the system must transition from people thinking police keep them safe to pure hatred. Media will incrementally start to paint criminals in a better light, while demonizing the police. Many tactics will be used, but the peoples faith in their justice and legal system would be eroded over time this way, and create mistrust in the people meant to protect us. You create a substitution where criminals become less like criminals, but victims, and the population will be plunged into an inescapable problem.
He talks on how trade unions were created to stand up for the rights of workers. At first the video remarks how they were tremendously successful, but as we get to more modern times we see strikes that do not net any benefit to workers long term. Even after wages are raised, inflation alone can make it impossible to keep up with. Another point worth mentioning, inflation is controlled by the federal reserve which is another unelected body manipulating the power structure. This video makes an argument that ultimately the minimum wage should be no minimum wage. By having any set wage the people are creating the need for a third party to remove their ability to negotiate their own wages. The point of difference he makes is 100 years ago striking wouldn’t cause much suffering, but the state of the economy now leaves union members set to suffer immensely if they were to strike.
Over time media and advertising convinces people they need more, and they do less. At the same time, trade union membership declines due to the power the union bosses hold. Members who want to bargain their labor for less to compete on the market are not allowed, and ultimately leave resulting in a reduction of workers rights. People are constantly subjected to manipulative advertising tactics that result over time in a shift in the behaviors of that generation as a whole. As time progresses, and movements occur again for workers rights, they are flooded with propaganda and many are easily manipulated due to the point they have been reduced to both mentally and emotionally.
Here, the video makes the point that with how “unequal” things are in society, but done to meet that end, it is like “building a house on a foundation of sand”. Under the false guise of equality people can be tricked into a great many things. Its almost as if the definition of equality becomes so warped that it longer means what it was intended to. A process like this would in actuality manipulate people and drive the society to collapse. The goal being that once the society collapses, it can be put back together in a fashion amenable to those perpetrating the plot. The video makes the point that our founding documents when used as intended were meant to combat tyranny. The concept of ideological subversion would be to slowly distort this documents purpose over generations to eventually undermine its merits unequivocally.

– Adam Rice

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